Millet Ryancola
Jun 7, 09 3:59am

Sorry for the long delay... would it not were have been than (heh..) for this sudden harddrive overheating problem, then what else?
Millet Ryancola
Apr 25, 09 3:55pm
I introduced to "Krunal" on Final Fantasy 12 area, Moderator whose banner mentioned Ryancola something.. definitely looked up on Googling, oh hello~~!!! Hi, and hello, Ryancola. It is nice to see an obviously kind and friendly guestbook holder.
I trust Moderating is mega-cool for you?

Well, this evening, I was not doing anything, and I saw that your guestbook had these entries with 'images` included. So I have drawn one .jpeg of you that looks OK at less than 200kb, including anyone's hypothetical sister behind you on the couch and I gave you a PlayStation2(tm like mine to play, on your DualShock2(tm controller, all based on my highly sensitive imagination of whateverthing, of course.

Hope you like.

Meanwhile, um. I do not see where to add it.

I will get it to you later, I suppose. Probably Moderator Krunal can tell me how to post it.

I have now sort of scanned through your list of cool persons of the week, and am digesting its deeper meaning.

Thanks for being there. fav's list.
Roy Ryancola
Apr 22, 09 2:43am
Just stopping by to say hi. As a matter of fact I am moving south between July and September to North Carolina. I've been to Florida once when I was 9, in Plant City.
Exile Ryancola
Mar 2, 09 8:15am
I just read your profile cause I was bored and didnt want to go to bed and I wanted to see the gay things it would have on it (I guessed gay due to the final fantasy avatar) and I came across your favorite athletes. No Rays players is a mistake and by Adrian Peterson (the good one) I'm going to assume that you meant the one on the Bears since he has funky hair and I think funky hair goes along with Sweet Lips and Rocket Arm.

Roy Ryancola
Nov 29, 08 6:15pm
I have seen you floating around the Halo 3 forum sometimes. I just saw a video for a Gears of War and it said it was dedicated to you.

Well if you could sign my guestbook back.

How many FF games do you have?

Ray_Masamune Ryancola
Mar 18, 08 7:26pm

I don't remember if I ever signed your guestbook. XD


You dared to step into my guestbook in the past. =_=

It's only fair I do the same and visit yours...

...and while I'm here, I may as well burn it to the floor. *_*


SerialZero Ryancola
Mar 17, 08 4:02pm
I used to be a little boy
So old in my shoes
And what I choose is my choice
What's a boy supposed to do?

Captain Basche Ryancola
Feb 19, 08 3:58am
Very indepth profile,your film list is looooooong!
I have to disagree with one of the films on your list: The Mummy Returns.
In my opinion,they followed up a great film by making a terrible one.xP

Anyway! You seen pretty awesome,which is one of the reasons I decided to sign your guestbook(you can find the second reason in my last paragrah xP).

Take care man,
stay cool.
Taki Ryancola
Feb 15, 08 6:55am
Sorry to hear that about Gary Coleman cutie. ):


Happy Valentines Day, Ryan.

I luv you <33333


Ps. I am lying. </3
Warsun Ryancola
Feb 14, 08 11:51pm

Yesterday when I made scrambled eggs, I accidentally left some of the shell in and they were slightly crunchy, and it reminded me of you.

It was the same feeling I had when I sent a 9000 word response that took about two weeks when you asked me about my trip to Europe, and yet I didn't get a simple reply? That same, unforgettable crunch of a scrambled egg shell .

I know what you're thinking, "lol wat". I am thinking the same thing.

But let us rejoice! I was clearing out my Sent PM box and came across the message I wrote. Truly believe that I would be a madman if I really held such a grudge!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Taki Ryancola
Dec 26, 07 2:45am
Happy holidays and merry Christmas Ryan.

I enjoy people calling you gay. ;P

tidus04 Ryancola
Dec 26, 07 12:09am

Hope you have a good one!
Principality Ryancola
Dec 25, 07 3:44am

Merry Christmas!

May all your wishes and dreams come true in 2008. Have fun, and stay safe.

~Matt Addison / Astian~

InuYashaFan123 Ryancola
Dec 25, 07 12:43am
Hey ryancola, just felt like dropping by to sign. Haven't talked to you in ages but thanks much for the PM stamp.

So... now I return the favor!

Have a Happy New Year as well!
Aya Chan Ryancola
Dec 24, 07 7:11pm

I wish you all the best Ryan!
PS: I've missed talking to you.
Exile Ryancola
Dec 19, 07 12:44am
Your a jerk for not having me as a member of the week. I am very very hurt. Just because your gay doesn't mean you have to be a meanie. I'm now going to go and cry to Bam who will make me feel all better.
DeAtH_rULez Ryancola
Dec 11, 07 3:21am
Oh hey look who's here!

It's me! Your life's true love =D

I missed you too, Ryan, you never stop by to say hi anymore =(

If you really loved me, you'd acknowledge the fact that you read this with a guestbook entry/PM/IM of your very own. ^.^
Exile Ryancola
Oct 10, 07 5:17am
Just wanted to rub in your face just a little more your record of 0-7 to me in pool. I'm thinking that even the Dolphins will get a win before you get a win against me and that could be a while.

BTW, Dolphins go 16-0 and will now go 0-16. They are just a bit confused and thought they were doing the right thing.
Ice Fox Ryancola
Aug 5, 07 6:36am
I wants to be on the cool list. (:

Sykex Ryancola
Aug 2, 07 4:07am
You no I have zE coolniz rite ?

You have experienced a COOL signing, you are *bleep*ing lucky sir

You are elitez, yep, it is true
Crystal Creation Ryancola
Aug 2, 07 3:11am
..Well maybe I am, but whatever!
That's besides the point anyway! ^^
I see you a lot, kinda, and you have a lot of Guestbook Signings already, so I thought:
"Why not do the honorable thing and sign a good guy's guestbook?"
^^ So that's what i'm doing:

C ya around forums and stuff!

The Answer Ryancola
Aug 1, 07 6:54am
Hey man.

Just stamping your guestbook with mah stamp, since you C&C'ed me too. Well, hope to see you on the graphics forums again. Btw, you give awesome C&C. It's a shame there's not much people who give awesome C&C like you, man. -_-

Peace, b!tch. ~The Answer
Circuit Ryancola
Jul 5, 07 8:10pm

And you know it's true nub. <3

The Apollo Ryancola
Jun 19, 07 11:09pm
Haha, I seen your cool list, I'm not on there , JK just stopping by to say hi, you seem like a cool dude IMO, care to be friends ?
The Blade Slade Ryancola
May 15, 07 11:52pm
I saw you're cool people list... i also saw i wasn't on it. BUT i did see the part about signing your GB to become cool. i cool now? well I'l see ya around neo.

outta here

Blade Slade