Kimi he ~♥~ - Mayuko Aoki
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Ok here is something from me.

What is desinty?

how does one find their own desinty?

do you just go though live hoping to find it?

Or do you keep searching till you find it?

I belive you must find your own desinty.

Desinty will not come to you.

You must go search for your own desinty.

Once you find it you will know the reason why you where born.

I am still looking for my desinty.

but I have not found it yet.

Most people do not care about their desinty.

All they do is destroy the world those people.

They only learn when they die that they wished they found their desinty.

Why can't I find my desinty?

What am I doing wrong?

Everyday I fell isolate from the world.

I am different.

I have:

weak eyes

horrible vision

weak kness

hands can't turn palm up

double jointed in my hands

I think at a different level a spirtual level

Shall I ever find my Desinty?

Yes, I shall find my desinty.