hey ryan its tank. btw, get a new brawl disc or hide ur brother's disc so u can get on the wii.>_> your probaly a good kirby main, i think. ive got no stamp, and sign my guestbook when u can. see ya round the crews
P.S: kirby is a guy.=P
Oh hi ryan I'm so bored so im going around and signig my friends guestbookand your so lucky to have me sign it. What would i do without you(besides torture yoshi instead)? Okies bye bye ryan.

oh ya thats right i never signed you book but then again NETHER DID YOU but ill still sign yours cuz im nice KEEP THE CREW UP cuz yoshi could kill you and take your place if your not careful
Your my fav person i neo

i like u.

i hope u fail highschool and stay on neo

or at least go on in college

see u in r clansXD
Sup just figue out what a guest book was recently We still haven't brawl as of yet me want to Brawl you so pm me when u see this Dark Bro. Your friend:
hey ryan wat ^. i was bored so i signed ur guestbook. dont worry buddy you'll get the world sumday (then i get bb MUHHAHAHA) and u keep working on ur kirby skills while i work on mine (well i still have broken controller......again) so i also look forward to battling u 2

srry no stamp (using wii)
later leader

~long live king,jessetheking~
Thanks for the signing! I'll be honest and say I don't remember specifically helping you, but I do remember your name. It's a pity you joined so soon to the time I left otherwise I guess we would have gotten to know each other better.

I had a stamp, but having not used it for a year and a half I can't find it, so I guess this message will have to do.


Hello sorry I missed the tourny I had to go out