Cosmic Latte Rust
Feb 14, 12 9:56am
--and there is nothing you can do about it.

Today is a day where stalking is probably acceptable just so long as you have chocolate on you.

So go crazy.

Happy Hershey's-Conspiracy-Day.

Corruption Rust
Feb 28, 11 5:53am
You've crossed the line this time, your Stickiness! Open rebellion is something I will not tolerate! Especially since you don't intend to share the Cake of Dreams.

I hope you are very much aware of how badly I am going to kick your rebellion's ass!


Angyles Cerddoriaeth Rust
Jul 30, 09 9:41pm
Oh hail the Marshmellow God! How I have looked for you high and low, and here you were all along!

My life is now complete.
Kyinnla Rust
Jul 17, 09 7:11pm
Happy Birthday!


You have an awesome birthday planned out and with the people you're spending it with, it'll be a day filled with smiles and laughter.

Yes. This is a cheesy guestbook signing. A cheesy happy birthday, but it's what's coming out of my head right now. Oh well.

And since I haven't gotten any new stamps, you get one of my one lame ones.

But anyway. Have a wonderful birthday. I love you.

~stamp: credit goes to Norica_XIII

Tiger of Wu Rust
Feb 8, 09 8:27am
Good morrow sir Rust, it is I, Tiger, another third of the Bounty Brigade. As you can understand, the Bounty Brigade's second true endeavour is on delay thanks to S-III's *bleep* up, but I'm sure you understand. Basis and Flugoc conversing will always be too epic to be denied. Speaking of which, we need to make some decisions my friend; methinks interest may soon wane without anything solidified and written up

Anyway, why am I signing? Well, I'm about to go on a replying spree and needed some practice. Yes, I used you for practice

Also, who better to showcase my new stamp on

We shall speak again soon sir, for now I bid you good day
Corruption Rust
Dec 25, 08 6:53am
In the interest of being politically correct, I am not wishing anyone a Merry Christmas nor any other holiday. In the words of a famous Spartan: TONIGHT, WE DINE IN HELL CELEBRATE...[spoiler removed]

Yeah. The December Holiday season is about spending lots of money on a lot of people you don't like, and spending twice as much money on people you actually do like (fortunately, there is more of the former than the latter) and faith. Well now the holiday is REALLY about faith, because you have no idea what you're celebrating. You just have to have faith that you're celebrating something.
Yes, I am making this all up without thinking it through even once. This is completely off the top of my head, so odds are, it makes no sense whatsoever.

So...yeah. Again.

I suppose you'll be wanting stamps, then. To explain how this new holiday started and what exactly it is.

Well, it all started on the morning after today (today being the 24th).

L was psyched for the receiving of gifts.

His elf, known as Bernard, approves of haz gifts.

After that, Satan's Fondue Party took over the plot and the holiday season, and we're not really sure what the hell happened after that, but somehow, this resulted:

The creation of Kwannukahmas. It's like Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas combined, except without the religious/racial attachments. Also, it's funner to say than the other three by themselves.

From this point onward, this will be the only holiday I celebrate come the December Holiday season.
Also, the words happy and merry, or any other previous prefixes used in conjunction with Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah, are not allowed. Thus the pleasantness.
Marooned Chic Rust
Dec 20, 08 7:18pm

Merry Christmas my super buddy who never runs out of energy to reply in PMs though we both have msn which we just discovered a while ago. >.>
Haha, warm winter wishes Mr. Rust
Don't..don't get tired of being such a good friend to silly moi.

Chroma Rust
Nov 2, 08 3:57am
And such. *Fell one day short* XD

Stop. Stampage time!

You always hurt the ones you love....

Ah, Halloween.... you might be another clever scheme to earn the government money so that they can purchase botox for John Kerry's facial lifts, But we love you all the same!! So let the feasting on calorie-packed pieces of heaven begin! -w-

Halloween! The time in which you can blatantly prey on another beings life, all in good fun! *shoves moar razors into your foodz*

Halloween! The time of year when you can brutally abuse your pet and get away with it!:

Doesn't she look so happy....

And of course, Rice Krispies wouldn't be Rice Krispies without the gooey sweet marshmallows to hold them all together. And the JFA wouldn't be the JFA without Rust hiding under our beds and making us lose sleep.

(How is Larry, by the way?? )

..... Loosely related banter, ftw?

Wishing you merry candeh dayz aside, I would like to express my thanks to Rust for being an all around great member of the Role-Play forums, an exemplary enforcer of the Junk-Food Justice (As well as the only one with any sense in the group, despite your stalker's mentality. ), and an all around awesome friend. X3

Here's to you, Mr. Bunny Slaying Stalker Man! ='D

I apologize for my lack of lovings on When They Cry. When Life gives you Lemons, it snatches them away before you can make Lemonade, pushes you into the dirt, and then proceeds to rub fresh lemon wedges all over your painfully scraped knees.

But I will not resort to emo antics! I have the feeling that all my bunnies would be brutally slaughtered by a mysterious force if I did. D:

So I will make sure it's the most kickass series of mind *bleep*s and plot twists that you ever did see! >=O For the sake of writing, my bunnies, and the Great and Mighty Rusty Knight! >_0 For if I fail, I will be the next to fall victim to the dreaded Pink Tights curse.

I wish you the most splendid luck in the days to come-- I hope life never becomes too stressful for you, and if it does, You are free to talk me any time. =D Even if you don't want to discuss it of have someone who can't understand your pain console you, Perhaps getting it off your chest would make you feel better. Lei will lend you a ear.... errrr.... Eye. >_0

Good luck, Rust!

Kenshuma Rust
Aug 13, 08 8:33am
That I never signed

So you get an awesome pic :laughs:

- Ken
HavensRaven Rust
Jul 18, 08 12:34am
Thought I'd pop in, say hello, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
I'd give you one of my really cool awesome stamps... I've always been meaning to get one, or several but... I don't have any, so... Sorry
May the rest of your year be filled with good things and well wishes.
Aeola Rust
Jul 15, 08 3:14am
And to me know thinking of how to get to the 125 is it? Character limit. Well if I may give you a small free written poem:

I am a danger to myself
I hide in another identity
You may think the wind is my true friend
It is just a mask to hide myself
If you ever uncover me
You must keep me a secret
Few know the real me
Yet the ones who should
Are clouded by the mask
There is one clue to who I am
The word is used over
Maybe by reading this
You will unmask me
The real me.

Pm me if you get my poem, few do.

Marooned Chic Rust
Jul 10, 08 8:33am
It's been really fun talking to you.
Hope that we would be friends for as long as neo don't charge PM's.
Heh heh!
Take a bunch of care.
You make me laugh! I hope I do too....

Amano Murokumo Rust
Jun 27, 08 12:09am
If I have, I don't care.

You're Rust. I'm still not sure where you have gotten that name from, but you are still Rust, never the less.

Hopefully you'll be around these parts for quite some time. One day, when 'Opal' is big, perhaps I'll be seeing you down there. Free tickets to the show, of course, Until then, the moon can be a mirror.


I heard it! XD
Tiger of Wu Rust
Apr 21, 08 7:43pm
I just realised I haven't replied to your signing

I just thought I'd let you know I'm currently in the middle of changing the statue of liberty's arm to this

Had to be done... rawr (I'm not good at this
Corruption Rust
Apr 9, 08 4:52am
As Lei and a few others are aware, I don't stamp guestbooks. I write people stories in them. My stories are the equivalent of a stamp. Right now, I'm writing for my own story, so a previous work of mine will have to suffice. The origins of Valentine's Day (aka V-Day/Vittles Day)

So in the late 100's, there was this baby, an infant, really, no more than a month old. During a fencing competition (because that's what people did back then: They jumped over fences. Don't ask me why; it's not part of the story) This baby's parents were in the fencing competition and to the shock and horror of the crowd, failed to jump over the fences. His mother tripped and fell flat on her face, shaming her forever. His father jumped too soon, didn't clear the fence, and landed on his groin. Due to the large amounts of pain, the father soon died. This left the shamed mother to find an equally shamed new husband, though that was illegal back then. She eventually married a saint that clearly was not a saint because saints don't marry. Neither the saint nor the mother loved the infant. Due to this, the infant, of course, never grew up. Because as we all know, babies do not grow on trees, or nourishment: They grow on love and affection. Which this baby lacked. It was at about this time that the Brownie God decided to piss off the Cookie God (my predecessor). The war between the two left Earth scarred in more ways than one. For one thing, the godly radiation caused by the clash of the two deities resulted in many people gaining super powers (see also: Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Uncle Sam, The Sand Man, Leprechauns, and Chuck Norris). Among these people was the infant. After radiation, the baby learned how to speak a language that hadn't even been developed yet: English. Which luckily makes telling the dialogue in this story easy.
"No one has ever loved me," proclaimed the infant that really isn't an infant at this point, "Love. LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND! I WILL BE THE DRIVING FORCE THAT RULES THE WORLD! I WILL MAKE SOMEONE LOVE ME! From this day forth...I AM CUPID!" And Cupid donned his legendary...uh...diaper, spread his wings, and shot into the air. Armed with his bow, mounted with a sniper scope, and his .32 calibur arrows, Cupid began to spread love in the hopes that someone would love him. It was chaos. Pure chaos.
The Cookie and Brownie gods stopped fighting each other and came to the conclusion that Cupid had to be sealed away.
Together, they forced Cupid into a completely different dimension. This is the only known instance of the Cookie God and Brownie God working together.
However, once a year, the Brownie God lets Cupid come out for one day to spread love and joy. And also because getting struck with Cupid's arrows also produces an effect similar to getting high except without the bad side-effects. The Brownie God partakes of Cupid's arrows and this results in 'special' brownies in turn.

Well, to conclude, Cupid has obviously not taken over the world, because everything is not pink and I am not in love with anyone. to this day, Cupid yearns for someone to love him and his 2000-year old infantness. But to no avail.

I have now officially won the internet (along with your GB) with this powerful story.

btw, I summons Ghost Busters to combat your giant marshmallow.
Dajay Rust
Nov 25, 07 7:36pm
I've added you as a friend

You're a really good roleplayer

Oh yeah, I forgot to say.