My Omega Ruby playthrough is a Wonderlocke challenge, and I just lost a Pokemon, the first one I lost, to Brawly's Makuhita ;-; RIP Ralts.

Where? Right here! When? Saturday, November 1st, 2014! What time? Whenever you're available! Who? Hopefully, you! H

Where? Right here! When? Friday, October 10th, 2014! What time? 7 O'clock Eastern! Who? Hopefully, you! Hosted by?

Hosted by @Rust and @Gotenks Hello one and all! Welcome to the first Smash 4 Tournament! Many of you have been waiting for

_SMASHER FINDER_ The Smasher Finder is your first reference point when deciding who to battle. In the posts that follow wi

hot damn its rusty _Mary Sue and the Sparkle Ponies_ _VS_ http://w

Totally want a PS4 now.
Watchin' the Doctor.
Just playing my Wii U.

We test drive the upcoming DS successor at Nintendo's local Canadian offices here in...

People need to read Parody Quest >=[
Grawr, your spoons fear my lawn mower
Grawr, your spoons fear my lawn mower

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