Rust blogged
Nov 6, 15 11:14pm

Heading to a tournament tomorrow for Smash for the Wii U! If you're interested in updates, here's a shameless plug!
A friend of mine who'll be going by the name of Salt is also going to start streaming with me soon, sometime after Sunday under the name FeONaCl gaming, so there'll be a twitch link coming up soon as well!
Sep 15, 15 9:50pm
Actually wrote a book. This is huge!
Nov 26, 14 12:29am
My Omega Ruby playthrough is a Wonderlocke challenge, and I just lost a Pokemon, the first one I lost, to Brawly's Makuhita ;-; RIP Ralts.
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Oct 27, 14 9:39am

Where? Right here! When? Saturday, November 1st, 2014! What time? Whenever you're available! Who? Hopefully, you! H

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Oct 9, 14 1:26pm

Where? Right here! When? Friday, October 10th, 2014! What time? 7 O'clock Eastern! Who? Hopefully, you! Hosted by?

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Oct 2, 14 6:11pm

Hosted by @Rust and @Gotenks Hello one and all! Welcome to the first Smash 4 Tournament! Many of you have been waiting for

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Oct 2, 14 3:31pm

_SMASHER FINDER_ The Smasher Finder is your first reference point when deciding who to battle. In the posts that follow wi

Onocron Rust
Jun 9, 14 7:14pm
hot damn its rusty
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Mar 4, 14 1:25pm _Mary Sue and the Sparkle Ponies_ _VS_ http://w

Jun 11, 13 12:40am
Totally want a PS4 now.
Jan 12, 13 7:28pm
Watchin' the Doctor.
Nov 29, 12 4:25pm
Just playing my Wii U.
Rust shared an article (@leochan)
Feb 19, 11 4:26am

We test drive the upcoming DS successor at Nintendo's local Canadian offices here in...

Feb 24, 10 8:36pm
People need to read Parody Quest >=[
Jul 30, 09 5:26am
Grawr, your spoons fear my lawn mower
Jul 30, 09 5:26am
Grawr, your spoons fear my lawn mower

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