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There's a re-run on right now for SKT vs CJ Entus. The first match which is on currently is SK Telecom T1 S against CJ En

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--Quote-- XDG would like to welcome SHEEP! Today, we're excited to announce some changes to the XDG roster, including

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Sep 23, 13 7:20pm _The Streams_ Twitch Twitch popout player LoLeSports Azubu _The Sch

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--Quote-- Building an AoE Team Before we begin, I’ll explain a little about myself. I’m Fridgecake. I used to

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--Quote-- Hey Summoners, After much discussion, we've decided to update our champion role names to more accurately ref

Rune Ripper
Nov 11, 12 11:47pm
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Mar 29, 12 7:19pm

In a couple of weeks it will have been 3 years since my first blog post, a blog post all about me. You'll find many more interesting blogs from others, I've yet to see one quite as self-centred as mine. For the last couple of years I've simply used these blogs as a way to document my life, I thought it'd be cool at the time and I suppose it is, I can already look back on 3 years of my life and I hope to continue documenting myself.

19 now, as of the 17th of March. The only thing that has changed is I will never look forward to a specific age again (well 100 I guess, if I ever lived so long), 18 is the big one. 21 is one that alot of people celebrate but I don't understand, in England 21 means nothing more than you've successfully lived beyond 20.

I lost the job I had when I last blogged, bugger. It was an invaluable experience, I'm sure everyone's first job is. I'd love to have the job back, working a meagre 15 hours a week rewarded me with £400 a month which I thought wasn't bad considering it was my first job. Going from getting £30 a week to that was wonderful, it was even better in fact as I'd always do a bit of overtime and earn at least £500 a month. I recall my first paycheck, I done alot of overtime during my first month at work to make a good impression (little good that done me, but that's for later) and conveniently for my wallet 3 or 4 of the days over Easter are considered bank holidays which meant I'd be earning 1.5x my usual wage (a very nice £6.50/h already). I was awake at midnight on the Thursday, at 00:00 exactly my wages would be transferred to my account, and yes, I was very excited. To the cash machine I went. I was greeted with what was just shy of £1,000, I withdrew my limit of £300 immediately. Ah, payday. It was short-lived though, in August after a shift I was handed a letter, a letter of dismissal. I had been replaced. I'm not sure why, still to this day, I was as they put it, an excellent worker. Always punctual and hard-working, again, their words. I of course was given a reason, I was supposedly on a temporary contract. This was not the case, a trial period perhaps to see if I'd do well, but after 5 months it was safe to say I did alright, but I was never told I was a temp, nor was the manager who got me the job in the first place. Alas, it was not meant to be.

I've written too much I've bored even myself. I guess I'll write a few entries over a number of days/weeks. Sorry future Rune Ripper.

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Jun 20, 11 10:31am

It's that time again, blog time! I'm currently procrastinating, my deadline was 2 weeks ago and was extended to tomorrow and yet I'm busy playing a stupid tower defence game Quierta just got me hooked on. :redanger: Do notifications even work in blog posts?

So anyway, a few updates since March, I finally have a job at the illustrious supermarket known as Tesco. I've learnt two things over the two months I've been there; I never want to shop in a Tesco again (assuming goods are treated the same way as they are by some people in my store) and regular money is niiiiice. Due to the job I'm looking to drive soon, could knock the insurance from £3,000 to around £1,500 or so if I do a few things so it's certainly a valid option. So far I've wasted my money really, bought a PS3 and so far I dislike the games I bought for it (Uncharted 2 and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion). Uncharted 2 for me just seems like a bad version of Assassins Creed, it doesn't interest me as much as 15th century Italy does, I'll probably play it a few more times to give it a chance but I can't put myself through much more than half hour of it before I get too bored. Oblivion is a game I want to like, I love RPG's and this should be a game I adore but I just don't... I don't know why but it just does not take my interest, this is a game I'm keen to play more though in hopes I eventually like it but eh, that's £190 wasted currently.

College! I've been accepted into UCA (University for the Creative Arts) to do a Extended Diploma in Art & Design, in short I'm getting ready for Uni. After this two-year course I can progress to go to University which I plan to do no matter what the extortionate prices are nowadays. I've been aiming for this for a couple of years now so it's a relief to have finally been accepted. There's also a trip to Amsterdam on the cards, in the second year we jet off to the place. What's it like? All I ever hear about is the abundance of drugs, but next year they're aiming to stop selling drugs in places like cafés to people that aren't of Dutch nationality so I'll probably hear about other things by next year when my future class will be getting excited to go.

Neoseeker, hmm. I'm still moderating the Call of Duty: Black Ops forum as well as the Racing [Wii] section and it's still good, albeit rather quiet. The community of Black Ops has mostly migrated to the Modern Warfare 3 forum just as the Modern Warfare 2 community migrated to Black Ops last year, it's bound to happen each year. For the most part I enjoyed moderating the forum though, it's been a good 6 months! That's it for Neoseeker, I don't do much on here nowadays.

Loving Terraria right now, BUY IT.

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Mar 2, 11 1:07am

Blogging is pretty pointless on Neoseeker unless you're Redemption giving away free name changes or you're Artificer posting a NAMFox update but I'm going to do this anyway, just like I have before. I'll as usual be writing something very few people will find interesting but this time it's for personal use, so I can look back on it at a random time and maybe write another one about the same things to see the differences. My own personal time capsule, screw the public one.

Hi! I'm Jordan, this won't change by the time I want to write another blog but just incase random people read this they will know one of the basics. I'm 17 and 349 days old. I do art & design at a college called Mid Kent College (who would've guessed the ending, huh?) but I have taken a strong disliking too it despite my liking for the subject. I wasn't that interested in art & design when I was given the choice years ago to study it to get the basic qualification (GCSE) so I didn't pick it which I regretted at the beginning of the last academic year (Sept 2009) when I applied for a different art college. We're in March now though and I only have to wait a few more months until I don't have to attend the college anymore and I can reapply and attend the college I originally wished to join. Great!

Still not driving, still haven't even got my provisional drivers license. My dad claims he sent it off and he's waiting for it but it's been 7 months now, ridiculous. Maybe I'll give up, I'll just have to take my passport around as a form of ID (when I turn 18 shortly) and I won't be driving soon with such extortionate prices for insurance and petrol (damn Libya). What's wrong with walking, anyway!

I'm lumbered with a female companion, it's been 14 months or so. I'm a strange guy in these parts, you're unusual if you don't have 5 different girlfriends in 1 year but I've had 3 relationships that lasted over 12 months in 5 years. It makes clubbing virtually pointless but it's good for the most part. I'd rarely go clubbing anyway, around £20 would be the minimum amount required and that won't get you very far, pre-drinking is great and all but being drunk before you start isn't cool.

I guess I'll talk about Neoseeker briefly as I must be using it in the future if I ever read this blog post again. I moderate Call of Duty: Black Ops which is fun, most of my pals don't post there much anymore because the game isn't that fun but there's a nice community for the most part, I'm glad I got into moderating again, especially as posting aimlessly was getting boring and had I stopped going on Neoseeker what else would I have done with my time online? I also moderate the Racing [Wii] section which is cool, I've not moderated a section before. It's pretty quiet but as I have a habit of moderating forums Guugley has previously moderated (Mario Kart Wii, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Racing [Wii]) I'll be due to moderate Loungin' and Action [360] soon! :D

I've written too much, now I won't even bother to read this in the future and I doubt anyone else will either.

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Mar 17, 10 6:05am

i turn 17 tomorrow, it's my turn to do the obligatory ritual that is to celebrate my birthday. i presume this will be done around friends, and will contain some form of alcoholic beverage - the ingredients needed for an everyday teenager to have a good time in this godforsaken country. there's hundreds of things i'd rather do, but i have neither the money nor the means to do them.

every birthday is the same, i wake up nice and early for school, get a man-to-man talk from the father and then open the birthday cards then head to school for what is a normal day. i've never been one for big parties or meals when it's to celebrate something to do with me, so i haven't organised such things. what makes this year different? well when you turn 17 in england, you're allowed to apply for a provisional drivers license, and then you can go on to begin driving lessons with the desire to get a full drivers license, giving you the authority to drive legally on the road. that is what i want the ability to do so much, it's my aspiration for 2010.

a big plus side to being able to drive is that i wouldn't depend on my dad for lifts to place, nor would i need to depend on public transport, both of which can be nuisances at times. it also means i could go out wherever i want, there would no more worries about how i'd get to places and how i'd get back, i'd be able to handle that all myself. the only bad sides i can think of are servicing and petrol costs, oh, and the scarily large amount of money it will cost me to take lessons, buy a car and pay for insurance. i've been lazily job hunting for months now, but i'll properly try now get a job by the end of the month (hopefully), and begin saving immediately.

here's to another wasted year, may the next one provide some worthwhile accomplishments.

Rune Ripper
Aug 1, 09 6:16am
- Well these suck...
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Apr 12, 09 9:16pm

You may have heard of the latest fad, My brute. There have been three my brute threads over in Loungin' and it's popular over on 4chan as the several clans on my brute dedicated to the site show quite clearly.

Now, there are a few problems with my brute:
  1. You need to advertise your brutes URL in order to get you more pupils which in turn give you more XP, this is vital if you want to get past level 10 or so in less then two weeks of victories every fight
  2. With only 3 fights per day it's a pain to get to a high level without an abundance of pupils, this makes the game slightly annoying
The site itself has been coded very well, there's currently no way of making your own pupils to earn yourself XP, even proxy avoidance fails as the site notices if you have an IP or not. Basically, it's a very clever system that will make the website even more popular as pupils are the only way forward with this game.

Despite the title, I'm not going to say why I can't stop playing this game because I don't know. There's just something fun about it, there's always something new to get and you have no idea what it's going to be until you get it, there's an assortmant of weapons from fans to keyboards, you can have a variety of pets you can have too as well as abilities and specials. It's somewhat a daily ritual for me to go onto my brute and have my 3 fights, something else for me to do when I'm at home and bored.

To end this pointless blog, I'd like you to please visit You saw it coming, right? :)

Thanks for reading.

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Rune Ripper blogged
Apr 11, 09 4:33am

Hello, my name is Rune Ripper (Jordan), you may recognize me from such threads as How to get stains out?, I used a vacuum on my balls and Another disgusting Youtube video. I post primary in the Graphics & Animation and Loungin' forums as you may or may not know.

I'm Jordan, I'm 16 years old and I'm male. I enjoy football, parkour, graffiti, basketball, graphic design and alcohol.

This blog is where I can post the latest occurrences in my life for over 300,000 people to read and discuss, whether or not people like me doesn't particularly interest me, this isn't a bid to get more popular but making new friends is always a worthwhile experience providing it's for the right reasons. Now, on with the latest happenings in the life of this random internet browser.

Social Life
    I've been enjoying my first week of Easter break despite my final exams being next month. On both Tuesday and Wednesday I went into school for 6 hours each day to do revision and catch up on extra work which helped well. In roughly 2 weeks, I will have been with my girlfriend Kara for 10 months, this isn't a particularly impressive milestone (looking forward to the 12 months a bit more) but it's worth noting here. Tomorrow night (Saturday) I've got a party with a schoolfriend, it's her 16th birthday so basically it's a party for our school year group which I'm looking forward too.

    Onto my hobbies, there progressing nicely as I'm moving onto better things, I've applied and been accepted to attend a Art & Design course at my local art university which will help me progress onto a Graphic Design course 2 years later. I've decided to go along to a local football (soccer) team this Sunday in hopes that I can trial/train with them and hopefully be brought into the team.

    It's getting tough right now, in around 6 weeks I'll be done with school and all I'll have to look forward to is my final exams, I've been revising alot and spending alot of time trying to do work before the deadlines. I'm a B-grade student across the board and I'm hoping to hit all of my targets.

    Fitness is very important to me, I'm an extremely self-conscious person which doesn't really show on the internet, which I suppose is good for me. Right now I'm trying to eat healthier foods, but my dad who naturally never worried about such things isn't so sure about the idea and he thinks what food people eat doesn't really matter. As for exercise, I do basic home exercise in the mornings and I play football and do parkour often which keeps me quite fit, I walk alot all the time too.

I think that's enough for now, I hope whoever reads this enjoys it and expects more next week. If you have any more sections you'd like me to right up on, just comment to let me know. Thanks for reading. :)

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