Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Thanks for signing, suppose I have no choice but to sign yours back =P I didnt spam btw, all my posts are of the highest quality hehe

Oor Wullie FTW, didn't ask Santa for it though:(

Merry Christmas mate and a Happy New Year, hope its a good one

Heyo Rudi_9!

Haven't seen you around to much lately, but I regard you as a nice person and I though I'd give you some good Holiday Wishes! Here they are!

Merry Crimbo And A Happy New Year

Just thought I'd sign as I saw the link...
Hopefully you'll take the hint and sign back...
Hope to see you round the forums
Well done on being 7th to find 'em!

Rosette for you!

Oh and...
thought i'd sign your g.book nd would be grateful if you could return the favour,
see you around the forums hopefully:),thats all for now, later mate
Well since you made me this stamp thought I better sign your GB. Seen how many people have stamped it, you must be popular

Stamp back or I'll have to kill you
Since no one has signed your guest book yet, I'll be first XD. Have a pope stamp even though the bloke his dead.. Needs updated =]!