lazio Rudi_9
Dec 25, 06 8:43am

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
gers_fan_no1 Rudi_9
Dec 21, 06 6:02am
Thanks for signing, suppose I have no choice but to sign yours back =P I didnt spam btw, all my posts are of the highest quality hehe

Oor Wullie FTW, didn't ask Santa for it though:(

Merry Christmas mate and a Happy New Year, hope its a good one
ViNCeNZo Rudi_9
Dec 19, 06 3:01am

Heyo Rudi_9!

Haven't seen you around to much lately, but I regard you as a nice person and I though I'd give you some good Holiday Wishes! Here they are!
ilovefootball Rudi_9
Dec 18, 06 6:01am

Merry Crimbo And A Happy New Year

mutd boy Rudi_9
Dec 08, 06 2:26am
Just thought I'd sign as I saw the link...
Hopefully you'll take the hint and sign back...
Hope to see you round the forums
Tom Rudi_9
Oct 27, 06 8:10pm
Well done on being 7th to find 'em!

Rosette for you!

Oh and...
toon_lad1990 Rudi_9
Sep 30, 06 3:37am
thought i'd sign your nd would be grateful if you could return the favour,
see you around the forums hopefully:),thats all for now, later mate
mfc Rudi_9
Aug 28, 06 2:25am
Well since you made me this stamp thought I better sign your GB. Seen how many people have stamped it, you must be popular

Stamp back or I'll have to kill you
Will Rudi_9
Jul 03, 06 2:21am
Since no one has signed your guest book yet, I'll be first XD. Have a pope stamp even though the bloke his dead.. Needs updated =]!