Well done, Rude_boy! Hope to see you next year too!

xI will keep signing until I get animegirl's love!x
I like your profile, it's so original. Not many people these days act like themselves, most try to act like other people. Anyway, I'll see you around the GTA IV forum.

ablinjin kefla
Good to have another ska fanatic here at Neo...be sure and stop by the music forum and try to explain to the bitches what real music sounds like. Keep ska alive, baby!

Hey, you like ska! So do I! It rocks, but I live in South Carolina, and these hicks have no idea what the *bleep* ska is. Anyway, since you like ska, I like you. My favorite ska bands are Five Iron Frenzy, Catch22, Mad Caddies, and Reel Big Fish.

Signing back would be greatly appreciated!
yoYO i seen you around Neoseeker around the GSS, so....