Hey, so where is the free edition of Driveclub?

I'm looking in the store, and all I can find is the... read more

This might take my mind off the Halo 2 re-release so I don't go out and buy an Xbox One for... read more

Instead of a collapsible baton attack, pressing "O" just makes him ask really nicely if the... read more

Ah, man. I still have Hitman but never finished it. I only kept it because I keep telling myself... read more

Man, I really hope Treyarch can pull Call of Duty back into some sort of realism.
Alien... read more

I don't know why anyone would pay for it, but these kinds of things can be kind of interesting.

I... read more

This is interesting, other reviews I've seen have definitely made this game sound "meh" at best.
I... read more

I remember a lot of people bought them just because they were "cheap" Blu-Ray players.

I worked... read more

I downloaded this game on the PS4 today, and took it over to my friend's house, hoping to recreate... read more

changed his custom title to "DONT TREAD ON ME"

I don't really understand. You can pretend to pretend to drive a car.
It's like those paintball... read more

It can be used as a trackpad (like on a laptop) with the internet browser.

The only game I've... read more

quote SpaceWalker
For hopes to be dashed with... what? The image doesn't load.
A guy putting a "sold... read more