Things really havent been the same on neo without you man. I still can remember that very first day we met too, and ur infamous "I dont know what I've been told line" XD. Things have changed, a lot of people have changed, including me. It sucks that we cant really keep in touch that much too, so.. oh well, things happen.

But damn, its just really been sad without u, since we were really tight back then and stuff, and now we're like.. practically strangers.. heh. But oh well, I'm just signing cuz im doing nothing right now and im in a signing mood I guess, since I dont usually get the opportunity to hang out with any of my old friends.

Anyways, I'll hopefully talk to u another time, but until then.. its been real.

Hey man whats up? Just signing your GB because im finally back on the net....and on Neo...and have nothing else better to do:P I'll talk to you later cuz Im bout' to go sign other random guestbooks (boredom sucks dosen't it?)

"I don't know what I've been told, thats the truth since I'm so old"-LOL
hey man just signing

hey ruben. i used to see you a lot in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories forum
Just wanna congratulate you on being a mod for Crystal...again.
So Congratulations!

My name really isn't bob...
Hey, just signing my friends G-Book, later.

hey, i Apreciate that you took the time to sign my Guestbook.

That was relly nice of you, in reward i'll Stamp you with my brand new Stamp that i made

have fun
you have been:

You have been...

See you around Ruben.

Hey there, i just thought that i would sign some guestgooks, i see you quite a bit in the Kingdom hearts forum, and i like the RE series as well, i hate this 125 character thing. see ya later.
hello! I thought i would sign your guestbook. thanks 4 helping me on stuffeses.

P.S. pleasa sign my guestbook. it`s quite empty!!!!
I'm new and i just wanted to say hi!!! Do u know how to beat pegasus ??? Where do u live?? Do u want to sign my guestbook? If u do I am Choas Mage
Sup, what's been happening? I'm just signing all my NeoFriends Guestbook. Keep on posting in the Yu-Gi-Oh! forums.

You posted in mine, so I figured I'd sign yours. Hope you have a great future in Neoseeker

Rage Eyes:Minister of Dark Lightning

P.S(Gonna get to 2000 by the end of March I think
Hi i signed your guest book because you signed mine. Hope you have fun in neo. Cya around the pokemon forums:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Thanks for the warning Ruben. Congratulation on the mod job at Pokemon Crystal. I'll try to post the more often.
Hey, thanks for signing my guestbook, I appreciate that a lot. So, I wish you luck on Neoseeker and to have me as your friend always. Alright then, I will see you around the forums, later.
hey Riben thanks for signing my Gbook!Thanks for the compliment also.I see your a mod good luck with that and I had something else to say but forgot so if I remember I will post it.hey I remember I had to go through 3 links and a bus stop to get here.Anyway see ya around.
Just signing your guestbook,congratulations on becoming a mod,well I signed your guestbook so now you can take the gun away from my head J/K...
I'm signing your guestbook now..Happy?
Anyhow you seem kewl too, and maybe I'll see you around to.

Later my hard rocking amigo.....

Thanks for signing my guestbook and just returned the favor.You post alot in the forums too and your a great moderator.Gotta go,Peace!
I signed your freakin guestbook, now quit it with the homo-sexual threats before I hurt you Oh yeah, Giant monkeys will take over the worl in the year 2016!
I've seen you around in just about every forum I go to. So, I stopped by to say hi.


You don't have to, but if you sign my guestbook that would be appreciated.


(Sorry for any mispelled words. I got a 40% on my last spelling test)
signing your guestbook again and everyone i know to say merry christmas and a happy new year. hope you have a great christmas cause i know i do with the 2 weeks off from school.

peace out.
Hey there Ruben you're a good friend to have. I have beaten YU-Gi-Oh! FM 3 times. well i guess ill see ya many times have you beaten Yu-Gi-Oh! ??
it nice of you to let me sign your guestbook and im glad to have another friend like you so i hope we chat alot and become good friends.
i just read your profile, all i can say is hahahhahahahahahahahahhahaah!!!!!!!!!!!

wow......., love at first avatar... hahahahahahhahahah!!!!!!!!!