It's Amanda, I don't have a fancy stamp, but I still kick a$$$ like major so take that you poop face.

So I'm signing your guestbook, phear me. 0_ooo
Hey, I've seen you about a few times before and thought it was about time I signed the old guest book. Well anyhoo catch ya later and mind and sign back...

Merry Christmas!

WOOHOO, i am so your #1 fan. look who's your 1500th profile viewer. ME! mwuaha.

oh? you don't want a short entry eh?

In striking contrast to other Ismaili writers of the time (s.v., Hamid ai-din al Kirmani; Abu Ya‘qub al-Sijistani), a good deal of information exists on Khusraw’s life, most written by his own hand, some by a (hostile) contemporary, some by later historians, and some apocryphal. He has been included in every major literary or historical survey produced since his lifetime. We can divide Khusraw’s life into four periods: his early years up to age forty (for which we must pull snippets from various texts); his conversion to Ismailism (of which he has left two different versions, one prose, one poetry); his seven-year journey (found in his Safarnama); and his years of preaching followed by persecution and exile (drawn primarily from his poetry, but also a few statements in his philosophical works).

the end. (damnit it was supposed to be longer but it wouldn't submit)



omgomgomg! ryan i'm your #1 fan.
You are my favorite glow stick!

Random IRC signing.

I don't know what else to write...

Damn right

Signing this GBook for rizzale me home skillet

See you round more, keep up the good work in das chat room
Hey, I noticed you're from the same province as I am! Also, cool avatar you've got there, Bubbles rules!

- Mike C.
I'm on a stampin' spree! Since I know you (sorta) I decided to invade your guestbook! Wow...note to self: Too much coffee in the morning. Ta ta!^-^

Damn that was a good laugh, your posts really entertain me. You got some funny stuff, this select post is one of the funniest things ive heard in awhile, this one was targeting Molly:

quote Rp_Ryan
I think she has a fat ass. Under other circumstances, I find moderately big booties attractive, but it looks like she could use some time on a StairMaster. And what is with the lipstick she wears? She working a corner after the show to get a few bucks or something?
Well, I signed your guestbook because of that post. Keep the funny stuff coming, I need it in my life.
u signed mine, so thanks, u said to sign urs, so i did, there ya go
I've taken up a new hobby, guestbook signing. You are a part of my hobby, be honoured. Yes...Well you've been refreshed by the Sprite. That's all there is, there isn't anymore...except for this:
Eh, that thing you wrote was like..awesome.
Good, but I can make a better VJoe stamp.
Here it goes:
"I was walking, untill I saw a man. I took a weapon, and shot him. He was bleeding crazy, and said "Stop". I shot myself"

Now, how tight was that? Huh?! Huh?!

But seriously, I need a new G-Book stamp..

Heh, I actually don't have AIm. I have MSN. Ya want it? PM me...or else..

Thsnks for signing my guestbook though.
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Yes! Back in the day I used to play Brood War constantly. Alas, due to my ever-diminishing HD space, I had to uninstall it. {{{Zerg}}}

No prob in Pump-Up music. Lemmme know if you need any help in anything related to music, I'm good at that kind of thing.


You signed mine so now i am signing yours
Ok those words were officially stolen form the Welsh Wizards private stash, ssshhhh, don't tell him, lol.

Well I usually leave a pic along with it, so here<><><><><><><><><><><><>

I thought i would sign your guestbook, because i saw your site and decided i would, oh and i like you lol

Whats up. Enjoy your time on Neo. I hope to get a rematch as well. Hopefully in the Lightweight Tourny, hope to see what you can do now
Well, thanks for signing my guestbook.

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