I'm doing homework,playing Garry's Mod,defeating Nobodies in Kingdom Hearts 2,the usual.
Signing back, pwning noobs on halo wars one noob at a time. thats all I do.
Re-signed. Not sure what the point of these things are to be honest. But there ya go.
I'm just gonna go ahead and sign this. Well I don't have much to say yet, I've seen you in Loungin' a few times and in some of the Pokemon word games too.

You seem like a cool [person and that avatar is awesome too.

...Not much else I can say yet, but I'll give you a better signing when I know you better.

See you on the forums.
idk i'm fking bored right now and thought i should sign your guestbook

but i have no stamp or picture or anything, so PEACE

have a good one LOL
dont play with you food (we will do this to any clan that wars us)... lol

just retuning the favor dude :I lol
Hi. I just thought I would sign your guestbook.Is that ninja guy Cloud by any chance.I hope you sign my guestbook.Lols.
P.S. Would you be my neo-friend.Please.Anyway c ya.
Havent signed you guestbook yet, so here it is! And dont think thats it.

Have some hot German girls!

You seem nice and I noticed your sig. So now I just fill this bit in with spam to get over the minimum character level, right?
I am on a mission to sign everyone on neo's guestbook. I am doing this in hopes you will sign back.

You are sign #36 of the mission

Wow, your Guestbook is crazy!

Keep posting in the PBR Forum!

Asta La Vista!

oo0 IC 0oo
OK, just signing because you said so in you're sig so...
*starts dancing*
I'M CRAZY!!!!!!!!!
you signed my guestbook so i sign yours.see you around on neoseeker
yours sincerely tymitch7
oh and again see you on neoseeker!
i just want to sign your guestbook cos i am signing anyones at the moment cos i only just found out about guestbooks/can u please sign my guest book.
I think I've seen you before... I want to have the opportunity to become the best of friends... sign back and PM me if you have time....



;) (Too bad I don't have a stamp 4 u) See you soon, YO!
Hi! How ya doin? i am fine! i am new to the site so i am trying t omeet as many new people as i can! see ya in forum!
Happy b day You been stamp by neo most wanted!!
Another sign for your collection, and it´s a big one!A few more years , and you´ll have a list with the capacity of a phone book.
Do you immagine if all this people was working for you for free?
hehe, u wanted ppl to sign ur guestbook,so, here you go!!=p=p=p=p=p=p=p=p=p=p=p=p
Dont be mad that I just saw your signing, I check my guestbook like once every 6 months or something! STAMP!
just dropping by to sign your guestbook

please sign my guestbook!!

I ment to say lata i wuz goin fast cause i had to start i pressed somethin anyway lata!!! And remember bye RoyMarthFireEmblem2
Hey RoyMarthFireEmblem2 do u want to be neosisters if u do just PM me im Pretty Princess and can u sign my guestbook thanks BYE! I'll tell u the story lat!
Lol, I just checked my guestbook.....a month late! Thanks for signing! I think this game will turn out awesome, but I think that forum is dying for now! But I will stick around until the ends of time....whats sad is that even if this game turns out to be crap I will still lose no faith and hope the next game turns out better! Well, keep visiting! And thanks again for the signing, if I knew how to stamp I would....lol
Hey, thanks for signing my guestbook, you seem to like alot of the stuff i do, see you around.
God i hate this 125 character minimum thing.