Just gave myself a shot of nostalgia on Neoseeker. Sometimes I need it.
started a discussion titled "Your Dream Address" in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
likes Inhale's status update: "My gf just bought me Super Smash Bros 3DS for taking her out on a date :)"
So my Internet out so I'm on my phone using data.

Thinking of purchasing it, but I haven't played Sunset Overdrive since its initial release week. ... read more

Woo Hoo! Got T&T Emporium, Shampoodle, and QR code thing added to Abel sisters!

I wanted to see a Kansas City player there. Oh well maybe next year. Who really cares about... read more

Not surprised by this. I am hoping to see a Destiny 2 in 2016 possibly or 2017. Definitely want... read more

New Friend code: 2724 1037 3999. My other 3DS broke, but at least my saved game data isnt lost.
changed his custom title to "Shake It Off Shake It Off Oh Oh"
added Nightshade as a friend
likes Gotenks' status update: "Having an absolute blast with the Super Smash Bros. Demo. Can't wait for the games release!"