I must be on a luck streak, JUST GOT ROALD!!!
Just got Static the squirre. Wicked stoked! :D
Just gave myself a shot of nostalgia on Neoseeker. Sometimes I need it.
So my Internet out so I'm on my phone using data.
Woo Hoo! Got T&T Emporium, Shampoodle, and QR code thing added to Abel sisters!
New Friend code: 2724 1037 3999. My other 3DS broke, but at least my saved game data isnt lost.
Summer is going by too fast...
Earliest hurricane ever...
The world is cold, you better stick close to a friend.
Happy New Year!
Got great gifts for Christmas
Can't wait til Christmas.
Waiting for BioShock Infinite and Gears of War: Judgement to come out.
Suprisingly I like Black Ops 2 more than Halo 4, now that's a first (well for matchmaking)
I love my PS Vita
Getting a PS Vita soon with Assassin's Creed III: Liberation Bundle!
So It Was My Birthday Today!


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