_2015 -NXT Weeklies-_ _ -------------------- The Rock made his return last night by helping Rei _PRESENTS:_ _ _2015 Series_ _ _2015 Series _2015 -NXT Weeklies-_ _ Since Main Event wil _2015 Series_ _

Now that the level cap has increased, I can get back to playing TERA. 62 Slayer. Reached Highwatch.

What kind of desk do you have at home or at work? I have one of these bad boys:

Where are all of the drivers in here? What kind of vehicle do you have? I am currently looking for another vehicle since I _2015 Series

Birth By Sleep and KH2 100%. Next. _2015 -Main Event Weeklies-_ _h

After an intense amount of raging, I have finally defeated the Mysterious Figure as Terra.

As the title says, who or what first sparked your interest to live the life of gaming? I got into it when I was first introdu

I got to thinking about the places that I want to eventually visit before my time on Earth is up. One spot that comes to mind _2015 Series_ _

Does anybody else do this? Yesterday, I woke up and immediately made myself a steak and tater tots for breakfast. As for dinn


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