Seven years of Neoseeker! One of the many activities t Are you afraid of heights? D Got any beaches around where _Monsters:_ x3 Cyber Dragon x3 Cyber Dragon Core x3 Cyber Dragon Drei x3 Cyber Valley Since we have a Card of the Day and an a

_Commander(1):_ - Derevi, Empyrial Tactician _Creatures(27):_ - Roon of the Hidden Realm - Rubinia Soulsinger - Ne

Tomorrow wears yesterday's face.

As the title says, I am wondering when do you collect heart pieces? Do you collect them as you are going through the story? D

Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
Fear is as effective a weapon as the blade.

Since it was confirmed by Tetsuya Nomura that the Xehanort Saga will conclude with KH3, what do you all think will happen aft

With all of the water, you would think that there would be a diving feature of some sort. Link's swimming abilities are e Can't have a vast, open --Quote--


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