Soccer kicks butt. It is the best sport ever! I also think hockey is cool too. I'm just a regular kid living a very regular life. My top 25 bands that I like are (in order from most favorite to least favorite):
2.Pink Floyd
3.The Who
4.Led Zeppelin
5.The Beatles
7.The Rolling Stones
9.Pearl Jam
10.Iron Maiden
11.Jimi Hendrix
12.Jethro Tull
13.King Crimson
14.Van Halen
15.Blue Oyster Cult
17.The Doors
18.Black Sabbath
19.The Kinks
20.Quiet Riot
21.Twisted Sister
22.Guns N' Roses
23.The Firm
My life dream is to re-create Woodstock


I have a Game Cube and I think some of the best games are SSMelee, SMSunshine, Lego Starwars, SM Strikers, Starfox Assult, Luigi's Mansion and any Hockey or Soccer game.I also have a Gameboy advanced but i dont use it much any more.I have a Nintendo DS Lite too. And my favorite pc game is Guild Wars.I think there should be a gamecube game that features Yoshi. I also now have a Wii.


If God played drums, his name would be John Bonham.
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