I last received a PM on the first day of October last year. LMFAO
holy fk im 2 neoyears old now
i caught a cold on the worst day to catch a cold
hi neo bye neo

Do you know why the caged bird sings? I haven't completed this book yet, but I think it's so beautifully well-writ

If you were given the option to choose between love and friendship, which would you choose? Not that I've been in love

I just realized I use the word "really" a lot. like really
Happy April Fools Day!

Since yesterday, whenever I try to open the launcher, the League of Legends logo appears like it usually does, but it doesn&#

Inactive for another week, pls understand.

Serebii says that Lileep can learn Stealth Rocks as an egg move. What do I have to breed with Lileep in order to get Stealth

What happened to Pink?! :o

Yes, Vel'Koz is official, and he'll be released with the alternate Battlecast skin. With the reveal of Battlecast Vel'Koz, however, comes yet another possible teaser. In the official splash art, a floating figure is seen in the background. Who could....


http://dc649.4shared.com/download/jBsRTlBj/40485-black-rock-shooter-star-.jpg%3FforceAttachmentDownload%3Dtrue Can someone


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