Ropnap shared a forum thread
Aug 23, 15 1:46am

So I took personality test a year ago, forgot what I got, and took anoth

Aug 5, 15 6:18am
Oh god please stop the full AD teams
Apr 28, 15 4:44am
I last received a PM on the first day of October last year. LMFAO
Jan 7, 15 4:57am
holy fk im 2 neoyears old now
Dec 31, 14 8:14pm
Dec 24, 14 6:56pm
i caught a cold on the worst day to catch a cold
Xandersilk Ropnap
Dec 16, 14 5:36am
Man, dat gif.
Dec 4, 14 11:35pm
hi neo bye neo
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Aug 7, 14 6:23am

How do you add an outline for an image?

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Jul 14, 14 8:08am

Do you know why the caged bird sings? I haven't completed this book yet, but I think it's so beautifully well-writ

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Jul 11, 14 9:15am

If you were given the option to choose between love and friendship, which would you choose? Not that I've been in love

Jun 30, 14 11:07pm
I just realized I use the word "really" a lot. like really
Apr 1, 14 2:48am
Happy April Fools Day!
Ropnap shared a forum thread
Mar 12, 14 2:57am

Since yesterday, whenever I try to open the launcher, the League of Legends logo appears like it usually does, but it doesn&#

Mar 11, 14 11:12pm
Inactive for another week, pls understand.
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Feb 22, 14 10:38am

Serebii says that Lileep can learn Stealth Rocks as an egg move. What do I have to breed with Lileep in order to get Stealth

BIRO Ropnap
Feb 18, 14 2:28am
What happened to Pink?! :o
Ropnap shared a news (@RabidChinaGirl)
Feb 15, 14 4:26am

Yes, Vel'Koz is official, and he'll be released with the alternate Battlecast skin. With the reveal of Battlecast Vel'Koz, however, comes yet another possible teaser. In the official splash art, a floating figure is seen in the background. Who could....


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