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Mar 03, 13 6:11pm

Another update for DBZ Battle of Gods Movie - New Trailer + :(

Well, a new trailer came out like a couple days ago. More new scenes from the movie where Bills(the main antagonist in the movie) is shown to kick everyone's asses That's pretty much the trailer. What's new? No plot twist so far. Nothing new from the Super Saiyan God form.

Also, apparently, Gohan will NOT be turning super saiyan in the movie. Excuse me while I go cry myself in a corner. Yeah so it was only for promotional stuff, which is a horrible cover up.

This is one of the Youtube comments from the new trailer that I totally agree with. Just gonna leave it here.

quote CheesyGranola
How this movie will go:
1. Villain does some stuff.
2. Goku and friends are hanging out.
3. Villain shows up.
4. Fight sequence which Goku or some other person loses.
5. Villain continues his plan, beating up the Z-Fighters.
6. Exposition by some character about the villain's past.
7. Vegeta shows up only to get his ass whooped.
8. Gohan does nothing despite being one of the strongest characters.
9. Goku beats up the villain, robbing anyone else of the chance to be the hero.
I just deleted this post on accident. asdhfjk :# But thanks to the back button I was able to copy and paste it again.


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Oalin Klein Mar 24, 13
Just wish vegeta would be the hero!