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Mar 20, 13 4:19pm

Well, with the Battle of Gods movie release coming up (at least for Japan) they're releasing some final promotions. Below is Super Saiyan God Goku. Yes, Goku is NOT in kaio-ken as what it appears to be. Obviously you can tell by his red animal-like eyes. /sarcasm Honestly, I'm disappointed by this. Super Saiyan 3 obviously looks way more badass.

Also, a preview from some japanese show I believe showing an actual footage. Summary: Bills go and beat everybody up without any effort including Majin Buu and Gohan who makes a dramatic power up only to be hit once and fall unconsciously JUST LIKE IN MOVIE 13. Then it shows SSJ GOKU PUTTING UP MORE OF A FIGHT WITH BILLS WHEN GOHAN IS SUPPOSEDLY AS STRONG AS SSJ3 GOKU. JUST LIKE MOVIE 13. Why?? Why Toriyama!?? Why do you hate Gohan so much?? T-T Well, anyways check it out below.

Movie will be out in Japan in March 30. Then some more months for the DVD then more waiting for subs until we can watch it. Unless, it's released dubbed first or someone does some boot-leggin.

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Mar 16, 13 2:10pm
In fanboy phase for Sojin.
Rondo blogged
Mar 15, 13 6:14pm

I'm not going to post much, let the pictures say everything. I've only start fanboying over Girl's Day since yesterday, and I've developed a bias towards Sojin. I guess I'll tell you about a couple things that I'm immediately attracted to her. She has the young pet-like face of Seungyeon and big facial features (big cute eyes and wide big smile) that makes her face small. Her smile is like Sunny's :3. And she's probably the slimmest out of the other Girl's Day members (just my bias, I prefer skinnier people). Another thing from her profile I like is her straight-forwardness and cheerful personality.

I have this thing where I start taking notice of all the weaknesses people try to cover, so I'm going to say a couple things not to be a complete fanboy. Not that these qualities I hate about her, just some of my opinion. She's more scrawny than she is sexy, but I like that about Jessica too. She has a really strong low voice for a girl, but you can really see that she struggles with her high notes a lot. That's probably why Minah is their main vocals instead. Her face isn't very pretty, you know, not like perfectly proportionate or pure, but it's the cutest thing, like Sunny and Seungyeon combined.

More pictures to fan over. :)

I think I'll make a separate post about her singing.


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Rondo blogged
Mar 10, 13 6:35pm

Don't click the spoiler drop down menu if you don't want any spoilers! Besides that, the rest are spoiler free, enjoy my short little review.

I didn't really expect much when I first started watching this drama. I've never watched a historical drama before, you see. So thinking about a drama taking place in ancient times really didn't appeal to me much. The first couple of episodes weren't very striking to me, and yet I found myself wanting to see what happens next. One of the things that the drama did really well is keeping the suspense throughout the whole drama. It was one mystery to the next. Kim Hee-Seon playing as Eun Soo, the time travelling plastic surgeon from the 21st century and Minho playing as Choi Young, a legendary warrior from actual history, I thought had a good chemistry that develops through their struggles together. Hee-Seon really did a good job playing her character realistically as a person who traveled back in time. I think Minho, though, didn't quiet fit into his warrior character as well. It wasn't terrible, but at times he just doesn't seem to belong as a warrior among the other characters. Another thing that bothered me was the ending.

Besides a few things, this drama was really good in my opinion. Especially the suspenseful plot. They really thought of the time traveling plot really well having everything fit together really nicely. And there's Minho in the drama if you like him. They try to put in some humor into the drama which was nice.

Would I recommend this drama? Yes. It wasn't something I'm going to squeal at, but the drama was really interesting and I really enjoyed it.

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Rondo blogged
Mar 3, 13 6:11pm

Well, a new trailer came out like a couple days ago. More new scenes from the movie where Bills(the main antagonist in the movie) is shown to kick everyone's asses That's pretty much the trailer. What's new? No plot twist so far. Nothing new from the Super Saiyan God form.

Also, apparently, Gohan will NOT be turning super saiyan in the movie. Excuse me while I go cry myself in a corner. Yeah so it was only for promotional stuff, which is a horrible cover up.

This is one of the Youtube comments from the new trailer that I totally agree with. Just gonna leave it here.

quote CheesyGranola
How this movie will go:
1. Villain does some stuff.
2. Goku and friends are hanging out.
3. Villain shows up.
4. Fight sequence which Goku or some other person loses.
5. Villain continues his plan, beating up the Z-Fighters.
6. Exposition by some character about the villain's past.
7. Vegeta shows up only to get his ass whooped.
8. Gohan does nothing despite being one of the strongest characters.
9. Goku beats up the villain, robbing anyone else of the chance to be the hero.
I just deleted this post on accident. asdhfjk :# But thanks to the back button I was able to copy and paste it again.


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Rondo blogged
Feb 24, 13 11:34am

So, for the Battle of Gods DBZ movie I was talking about before, the trailer already came out. Like a couple months ago actually.

One thing that I saw interesting was that Gohan in the trailer is seen in super saiyan mode. Ok, first reaction for me was Yes! I've been dreaming of Mystic Gohan turning super saiyan this whole time. But then I realized, it's probably going to be something like DBGT. So, not sure what to take from this. From my previous post, you know I'm Gohan biased and I hope in this movie he's going to have some critical roles in the fights.

So, another big news that's much more recently, like this week I think, is the hinting from a japanese magazine that there will be a saiyan level beyond super saiyan 3 called super saiyan god. I'm not sure what this implies. I'm just gonna hope that it's not just Goku ascending beyond ssj3 and beating out all the villains.

There's also this video on youtube of someone saying that there will be 4 super saiyan 3's in the movie. And I got excited for a split second, but this is actually NOT confirmed. So, no ssj3 Vegeta.

I personally want to see a fusion of Gohan and Goku actually. Ever since the failed fusion attempt during the Buu saga, I don't know about you, but it got me thinking of how they will be when they fused. Would they be stronger than Goku Vegeta fusion? Just my speculation which I think will be awesome. Anything besides another Goku-centric or Gogeta/Vegeto ending.

March 30, 2013 is the official release so all the speculations will end then.


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