The Return of the Lobby!

Currently, I am playing Lego: The Hobbit with my sister, and we are going for 100% completion. Much like Lego: The Lord of t

My sister is watching Season 2 of House of Cards and told me that she knew that the whole lesbian thing between two of the ch

Like the its sister thread for insights, I will try to post a temporally relevant limerick each day. If the thread gains ste

Here's a thing I thought I would do. Every day or so, I will post a sentence that is intended to be insightful about som I think I've waited long enough. L

In your opinion, who is more prone to jealousy: men or women? All ages and social situations apply.

Let's play one of the most classic of all games: chess. Discuss matches and such here.

That my loneliness Is killing me now. Don't you know I still believe That you will be here And give me a sign? Hit m

Seeing Mouldy Cheese's thread about Friends showed that a lot of people like the show, so I figured I'd dump this que

Telling it like it is, in a moderator application!
I need feminism because I'm a masochist.

--Quote Source-- A German immigrant, Baer dreamed up the first “game box” while lounging outside of the Port Auth

Oh wow, Neo+. I'll definitely make use of that...
'How To Be Uncool', by Rome
I have done all that I was able.
I beat Civ V on Deity.

I noticed that @Remedy as a bigass avatar. Did they just change the avatar sizes?

A commenter: "its like winning the special olympics to win an argument on youtube"
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