[image1 link=yes width=650 height=399] No doubt you've heard about the latest Halo: Reach marketing...

thinking about Halo reach at the moment. lol.
best freaking game ever SaintsRow2 PS3
Very good game. many customization options, it doesn't make you do hard races all that much, though you can if you want, not to mention... MidnightClubLosAngeles PS3
Good for people that value tactics over action,but don't think here isn't action. Its a fast pace game, but fun all the same. RomeTotalWar PC
The best MMO game I have ever played. RuneScape PC
This game has been beaten by me so many times and I still want to play it again. TheElderScrolls4Oblivion PC
The best add-on in the history of RPG add-ons. TheElderScrolls4TheShiveringIsles PC
Solsthriem and Mournhold are great additions to the original game. New weapons and armor. TheElderScrolls3MorrowindGOTY Xbox
Brutal executions, massive explosions, and peforming hits on members of rival mafia. All these things and more sum up The Godfather II TheGodfather2 PS3
A truley fun game to play. Its fun to hunt criminals and animals. Good choice of time period for the game. and good plot. RedDeadRedemption PS3
The best game ever to grace the surace of the planet with its presence. HaloReach X360
A nice change from the fast pace action of the First-Person Shooter genre. Not as good as Reach, but a good game none the less. HaloWars X360

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