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Aug 19, 06 11:23am
Too Short GunShowdown
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  • "great western game loads of side missions,hunting,poker,bountys ect classic western shoot em up game hours of fun 9/10 GunShowdown"
    Legionare_23 May 26, 13 4:39pm
  • "I love this game more then cake. O.O GunShowdown"
    Firebyrd Aug 05, 12 7:49pm
  • "A fun game, and a true port of the console version. I'm surprised at how accurate it is to the PS2 version. That was one of the main... GunShowdown"
    Machienzo Sep 19, 09 1:07am
  • "great game finished 7 times GunShowdown"
    joel19985 Aug 09, 09 3:01pm
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