awesomepossum123 RogueSquadronChic
Jul 29, 13 10:28am
Thanks for putting me as a friend. Could you remember to put my SSBB friend code on your game so I could play online with you?
Jul 26, 13 9:42pm
Back in the hospital ;( been over 6 months without an admission! Sucks, Ive been so sick I can't even play KOTOR on my iPad!!! :(
Jul 8, 13 11:57pm
FINALLY I can play!! Being a Mac and Playstation girl, I don't get too many awesome Star Wars games! I'm so excited its on iPad now! <3 StarWarsKnightsOfTheOldRepublic
Jul 1, 13 12:31pm
I don't have any PS3 friends, I need some :)

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