BluePhoenix Robot Hive
Apr 09, 09 11:06pm

It has been long over due but here
feel loved that your guestbook is now immensely epic

let the good oblivion forum times roll my friend


Vicious Robot Hive
Apr 05, 08 8:57am
You're a cool bro, dude. Hang loose and keep up the gnarly posts (I was a Hawaiian surfer in my past life ).

Here's a "Stamp" for you. I think it was you that told me that he voiced Mankar Camoran.

So, see you on the Forums dude.

Signed by,
Taki Robot Hive
Apr 05, 08 3:50am
This guest-book is officially sex-ed by takininja.

Have a nice day. (:

stupid *bleep*ing 125 character limit who had to screw our sex, damn it