RoBGalaxyS3 blogged
Oct 25, 14 6:31am

'- Buyer must pay first by PayPal as gift, Personal Friend/Family and send this message with payment "Payment for virtual good. I completely understand these are virtual goods and I agree that no refunds or returns are allowed.' Obviously only seller have the advantage.

Wow, who started this crap, afraid of getting scammed? What about the buyers then? This make sure they can't get refund even if they did get scammed, PayPal make sure to be fair to both parties, if you have send and buyer decided to get back his cash using PayPal disputes. You can always keep evidence, screenshotting and so on to cancel out his disputes. In other words, stop being a pussy. Or a dumbass. Back in the 2012 there is no this kind of crappy balless sentence. Guess balls is shrinking these days.
Aug 16, 12 10:27am
I won't scam, only get scammed.
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