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First Playthrough - Hit Ratio - 61% Enemies Killed - 934 No. of times killed - 47 Clear time - 16:40'02" ResidentEvil4 PC
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  • "How to unlock P.R.L 412 in normal mode prof mode I don't intrest ResidentEvil4 PC"
    venkatvkt Oct 01, 14 10:39pm
  • "When I was in secondary school, I saved my money for months just to buy it and a couple of days after I ordered it, I got it as a gift! ResidentEvil4 PS2"
    Luckywitness Jan 02, 13 8:45pm
  • "I can't remember how many times I finished the game,it is really one of it kind,my fav-horror game ever ResidentEvil4 PS2"
    rojsavan Jul 27, 12 9:12pm
  • "YAYAYAY!!!! Completed Pro - about 5 days ago XD ResidentEvil4 PS2"
    haalyle Jul 05, 12 10:50pm
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