Come on guys, come and do this. Welcome H Welcome H

Pulling an all nighter for RS
Wish me good luck...

Hello guys, I saw a thread before where someone said they were interested in a tourney, had a few people that seemed to be ha

Sweet i got my name changed to Riven.... Awesome!
"So long I've wandered..."` -Riven
"You can choose your own destiny."
Omg... got that 666 posts..... i feel like today going to be a bad day....
I have changed.... so much over these couple of years in neoseeker. I feel like im reborned into the system. Hue Hue.
updating a couple things on my account since i came back.
Wow, I finally came back from neoseeker.... feels different...
Everyone Loves Pichu!
whatt are cooies?
fc:2278 9172 4086 trainer von (FEAR PIE!)
i like pie (FEAR MR. PIE!)

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