"Roses and Violets are types of flowers,
I have all sorts of powers.
I can roll into a ball and drop little bombs,
leaving you all screaming out for your moms,
I can turn into a rock and climb up walls,
high up alinos i can shoot magmauls, he calls,
Dropin' a halfturret, land on my knees,
evading sharpshooter's shadowfreeze, and please,
dont be pointn' that Imp' at me,
this ain't halo, ain't no "killing spree!"
all's i wanna do is show ya whad I got,
so don't just end it all like, "Boom, Headshot!"
Valentine's is here and i aint got no girl,
no one to give candy or cotton swirl,
so instead, get fed, post the thread thats def,
rappin' valentines for SOTEF,
so check it.


I hack things. iPods, GPS's, ive even got a skinned DSTT.

and yes, i void warranties.

I'm on my computer a lot. A whole lot. AIM me. or YAHOO me. or ICQ. or MSN. whatever. lol. Im almost always there, even if im not on Neo.

Got Skype? Verbally chatting while fighting has proven to be pretty awesome. Don't got it? Get it. Its free!



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