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So I was listening to Taylor Swift's new(er) song "The Story of Us" and then I clicked on the Christmas Carol contest thread and then I saw Quierta's avatar and and AND it was dancing along to the same BPM as the song.

Well actually it just looked like it at first but the kitty was really going a bit faster and then it was off tempo and I got sad. :(

There's no moral to this story. Sorry.

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[[Never in my life have I been so afraid to write.]]

If I ever dreamed that I had a chance to talk to my mom I’d walk into her room while she’s sitting in her bed watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond on her TiVo eating her tortilla chips snacks. I’d sit there on her bed until she paused her TV and asked me what is it. Then I’d try to say something to her like when I grow up I want to live in a Communist country like China. She doesn’t like Communism and neither do I so that’s why I would say it. She would get excited or mad or worried or something and she’d say why are you saying something horrible like that you know those countries have not that much freedom and I’d say (really quickly because I have it all planned out) I know but it’s really just the same as the way I grew up and as I said that I’d be giggling to myself for the first time in a long time because I always try to look like nothing really affects me. And then for the first time she’d have no idea what to do because I’d already have hidden all of our belts.

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is laughing at the cool.

I’m not sure which is better- having something simple or having something complicated. Lots of people like complicated things because I guess they think it makes them look smarter, kind of like Ian with Apple. Or those simple contests for pixel art that I enter on the Internet that you only need something like Microsoft Paint for but people end up using Photoshop or GIMP because they’re soooo sophisticated. Or cool. Whichever one they feel like at the moment. But I like simple stuff because it’s easier so I guess I’m just lazy like that. It goes a bit deeper actually because simplicity is one of those things that’s underrated and because I’m me myself and I and all that I want to be I choose simplicity. I know I’m supposed to be making a point here and end with something epic like I know they will. But I don’t really have much else to say except for that being me, I have to stand up for what’s simple and underrated and what nobody else cares about. Like video games where you don’t beat the enemy by shooting him 20 or 30 or 100 times but instead just jump on their heads. Like writing things that you actually want to write about, without rules. Or like Microsoft Paint.

Today in Biology class we had to color a diagram of the heart. It's like we're all still 5 or something. Anyways, I was getting colors from the color pencil box. I got a color that said "light blue" for the parts our teacher said had to be colored light blue. But the stupid Roseart colored pencil looked like a dark blue.

I guess I should've learned from my mistakes. I tried using a "forest green" and a "mild green" a month ago and they ended up looking like an ugly yellow. Eww.

I hate Roseart. Crayola FTW.

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