Synik Rinoa_l
Feb 07, 07 12:53pm
How's it going? We haven't spoken in about 3 years haha. I figured I'd say hi to you some other way or catch up on different terms but I suppose this is the only way I could think of since you're never online anymore.

Anyways, my best regards.
Jake - Your former co-mod haha.
Spectral Rinoa_l
Mar 15, 06 7:27am
Hey baby. It's been awhile. =P Just wanted to drop by and say whats up. Or hi...or whatever. I miss talking to you, I remember all the fun conversations we used to have on MSN. Especially the ones about pants. =P LEVIS! Haha that brings up memories. I hope things are going well for you...and I wish for the best for you. I see you still come on neoseeker and still moddin' i see. hehehe cool. Remember that time we had the voice convo and we were watchin Jerry Springer? It seemed like only yesterday, dosen't it?

Well on that note, I'm gone. Talk to you later Lianne!
Donnelly Rinoa_l
Dec 31, 05 3:14am

Got bored, so i'm stamping random GBs, heres a few funny pics for you to enjoy...

Dark Kenchin Rinoa_l
Aug 15, 05 4:01am
Hi remember me the one that send you that pm saying you where hot and wanted to be your friend lol, thx for saying yes.


team groin Rinoa_l
Aug 13, 05 8:10am
"Lets siiiiiing a song" XD


Watch FULL MOON WO SAGOSHITE if you havent already
Torm3NTED Rinoa_l
Aug 13, 05 2:31am
HEY! REMEMBER ME? I quit neo a long time ago, I just thought i'd check up
team groin Rinoa_l
Jul 29, 05 12:31am
I haven't talked to you in like forever

Hehe, it's Narumi, aka Me

Plz sign back
KujasSilverDragon Rinoa_l
Jun 18, 05 7:28am
Heya,I'm doing pretty good in the Final Fantasy IX forum,just kicked SSG out of the 3rd place spot!

Booyaka,sign back!
BlackShadowX_FierceD Rinoa_l
Jun 06, 05 5:40pm
Greetings from the Kenji person. <_< >_> w00t. Alright I'm just cruising around having fun while remembering the past. I love yas, and hope you actually read dis thing lol. I'd be surprised if you did. Long time since my last visit here.
angelic_layer Rinoa_l
Apr 10, 05 9:37am
hello R_l, i'm just 'ere to say hi... *hews*

'ere ya go~!

well, i'd never knew that i'll hv ya at my msn... thanks to Gina(aerith) that she'd add me into that huge conversation >.> and I think I'm now sticky with sabin... he's nice though^^

anyways hope to see ya more if ya on MSN... see ya ^^
DuelMaster Rinoa_l
Apr 10, 05 9:34am
i figured i havent signed yours in a while, you've always been one cool chick/lady/woman/girl/anything that wont offend you lol. and anyay, you've been a good friend, a funny talking partner, and i hope to see more of you around the forums.
sees ya later my favorite uhhhh, female mod in the forum...

and no im not hittin on you lol
IDM Rinoa_l
Mar 30, 05 3:40pm
Nemesis is right, we as the homies miss you a LOT o(^.^)o
Wish you the best of luck with those exams, try to do well, but still try to get online. idm is only a few clicks away. We miss ya. =]
Nemisis13 Rinoa_l
Mar 28, 05 3:52pm
Hey Lianne. Haven't seen much of you lately...

I'd just like to say I miss you and so do a lot of other people.

Anyways, you must be busy with a lot of school work, those dam exams and all. >.< But be sure to get on msn every now and then to say hi.

Alrighty, I'll cya around. Hopefully soon. Bye bye

With lots of love,
SerialZero Rinoa_l
Mar 16, 05 9:28am
Indeed, March 17th creeps closer, so I bestow upon you an honorary holiday stamp;

Shrike Rinoa_l
Jan 23, 05 3:07am
juet wanted 2 say hi um meh im bored wanna play ff ix but cant ps2 broke plus i dont have disc 4 i really miss playin ff ix but im sure u dont care and im sorry if u think i have just posted a load of rubish
isa98 Rinoa_l
Jan 05, 05 1:13pm
I would just like to complement you on your picture, i mean wow yur beautiful or should i say gorgeous, keep up the good looks and happy late new years!

BahamutX Rinoa_l
Dec 26, 04 9:35am
Merry Christmas!! Just signing the guestbooks of people that signed mine, or standed out in the forums, and stuff like that.


Angel Blade Rinoa_l
Dec 26, 04 3:08am
Hey! I hope you have a and a ! Or, Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee!! ^.^

I'm gonna sing you a song!!

Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad, prospero año et felicidad

I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas, I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas, I wanna wish you a merry Christmas
From the bottom of my heart

Je veux vous souhaiter un joyeux Noel, Je veuw vous souhaiter un joyeux Noel, Je veux vous souhaiter un joyeux Noel
Et une tres bonne annee!!

Oh quand j'entends chanter Noel,
j'aime a revoir mes joies d'Enfant,
le sapin scientillant, la neige d'argent,
Noel, mon beau reve blanc.
Oh quand j'entends sonner au ciel,
l'heure ou le bon vieillard descend
je revois les yeux clairs maman,
et je songe a d'autres Noel blanc.

La nuit est pleine de chants joyeux,
le bois craque sous le feu
la table est deja garnie
tout est pret pour mes amis.
Et j'attends l'heure ou ils vont venir
En ecoutant tous mes souvenirs.

Lorsque decembre lancait au vent
l'odeur des marrons brulants,
j'attendais, tremblant un peu
l'instant des cadeaux joyeux
Et je mettais mes petits souliers
sous le manteu de la cheimnee.

This is me on Christmas, cause Christmas just sucks. But I hope YOU at least have a great one!!

Sleighbells ring, are you listening?
In the lane, snow is glistning
A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight
Walking in the winter wonderland

Ecoutez les clochettes,
Du joyeux temps des fetes
Annoncant la joie de chaque coeur qui bat
Au royaume du bonhomme hiver

In the meadow we can build a snowman
Then pretend that he is Parson Brown
He'll say "Are you married?"
We'll say "No, man!
But you can do the job when you're in town!"

Later on, we'll conspire, as we dream by the fire
To face unafraid, the plans that we made
Walkin' in the winter wonderland

Le voila qui sourit sur la place
Son chapeau, sa canne et son foulard
Il semble nous dire d'un ton bonnasse
Je voyez-vous donc pas qu'il est tard?

Il dit vrai tout de meme,
Pres du feu je t'emmene
Allons nous chauffer, dan l'intimite
Au royaume du bonhomme hiver

A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight
Walking in the winter wonderland.

Enough for singing. I tried not being a Scrooge over this whole guestbook signing! Anyways, Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukah/ Happy Kawanzah, or whatever you celebrate!! I wish you the best, and get lots of presents... And go eat some turkey for me too

Heart always,
Angel Blade27
Icarus Rinoa_l
Dec 25, 04 5:39am
·±‡± Wishing you a Happy Holiday ±‡±.

±‡± SoR ±‡±.
DragonFang Rinoa_l
Dec 22, 04 9:58am

Seen you around. You seem like a cool girl. Hopefully, I'll get to know you sometime. Anyway, have a Merry Christmas!
bl3nd3r Rinoa_l
Oct 29, 04 6:23am
DQ Maniac Rinoa_l
Oct 02, 04 9:10pm
Satokasu Suki Rinoa_l
Oct 02, 04 8:17am

I've seen you around the Lougin' forum and you seem like a real sweetheart. It's really nice to meet someone as nice as you. Wanna be neofriends? ^^

See you around the forums and take care,

~ Satokasu Suki
KujasSilverDragon Rinoa_l
Sep 05, 04 9:33am
Thanks for signing my GB.And heres my gift to you,a stamp!

BlueSoul Rinoa_l
Sep 03, 04 2:55pm

Seeya around.

Pm me sometime.