Gta_Kh2 freak Rimshotter
Jan 20, 07 8:14pm
Duude, whaddup!? Saw on your bio you're in a band, and you like some other bands, like LP! AWESOME! I like LP also! Awesome dude. ^^ And awesome that you're in a band! Hope you make big time!!

Wonder if the pic' works...Lol. Rock on!
Fertro Rimshotter
Jan 16, 07 9:34pm
Hello my fellow Aussie! Yeah, I'm Aussie too. I'm gonna sign every aussie's guestbook.
You got stamped by your fellow aussie, Fertro
Tool_Fan_06 Rimshotter
Jan 5, 07 7:31am
Hello Rimshotter i like System Of a Down also.....something funny.....ok 2 things 1)I phoned Saddam Hussein the other day to wish him happy new year but he hung up on me 2)What is similar between the Starship Enterprise and toilet paper? They both travel through Uranus picking up clingons
xarcherx987 Rimshotter
Dec 27, 06 5:49am
Its ur good friend who was blocked by a nerd who likes muse. It embarassing. Poor me. Poor poor me. Poor poor poor me. Anyway..... Hi, um bye