kuki Rheneas
Apr 12, 08 6:50am
Muahaha! Long time, no see, Opal! I just thought I'd drop by and give you a sign, 'cause ot's been soooo long. x3 I miss ya, so feel free to drop me a PM or a signing sometime!

-Kuki, The Queen of Waddle Dees
Galacticdramon Rheneas
Oct 19, 06 9:14pm
Being as this is basically the end of my TAF (Time of Activity on the Forums) here, I've decided to sign the Guestbooks of some of those I've known on here for a while.

As I said, I'm leaving your game project in very capable hands. I'll make sure they let you know if they get further with it.

So then, from the Forums, this is me signing off.
candieappo Rheneas
May 25, 06 11:53pm
heyy.. I have seen you around in the Pokemon forums lately and you seem like a really cool girl.. and an awesome sprite maker.. ^^
paper luigi197 Rheneas
Mar 20, 06 2:08am
Are you actually gonna make Sonic Spirit into a flash game, or is it just gonna stay a good story?
paper luigi197 Rheneas
Mar 20, 06 2:06am
Are you actually gonna make Sonic Spirit into a flash game, or is it just gonna stay a good story?[img]http://www.luke.thebelknaps.com/stamp.gif[/mg]
Miles Girl111 Rheneas
Dec 26, 05 7:29am

Happy Holidays~!
Lizzo Rheneas
Dec 24, 05 5:41am
Merry Christmas!

Your inbox is full of pms,just letting you know

Chaos Android17 Rheneas
Dec 03, 05 10:50pm

Hi! Remember me? No? Well, that... Stinks. Yes? Cool! I'm back, and crazier than ever! If we're ever online at the same time, give me a PM or sumthin and we'll talk, kay?

Note: We may have already been in contact since my actual return, but pretend this is out of the blue, okay?

Gamma_128 Rheneas
Sep 24, 05 3:52am
I don't think I've ever signed your guestbook.






A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.
Neon the Chao Rheneas
Sep 15, 05 9:22pm
Thanks for signing my GB. Sonic Spirit ROCKS! Here are some pics of my fan character, Neon the Chao (Sorry they're JPGs. ):

For Rheneas's use ONLY!
Lizzo Rheneas
Sep 09, 05 1:34am
You rule,as well as Sonic spirit!Rock on!*der ner ner ner*

Bakudon Storm Rheneas
Sep 08, 05 3:09am
Hello, it has been a while since the last time I have seen you, but that is mostly because I have not been here on Neoseeker for quite a long time.

I wish to sign your guestbook along with a new stamp of mine.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to be friends soon. -Bakudon Storm
Takgirl2 Rheneas
Jul 22, 05 11:06pm
Hi,I see you a lot in the Sonic Heroes forum.The bloopers you make are really funny.Must be connected with your obsession with Espio.Espio is prety cool.I pretty much like all speed characters.Ok,well,see ya!
Prime Hunter Rheneas
Jul 11, 05 5:26am
hi how ya been doing lately?

Zen The Wanderer Rheneas
Jun 27, 05 9:44pm

~Zen, A Wanderer By Choice, And Your Neo-BF ^^~

Kouga Pics. ^^

"Catch ya later!"
Rune Zafara Rheneas
Jun 22, 05 6:11pm
I saw one of your Sonic bloopers, lol, I thought it was pretty funny! That would be so awesome if instead of sumersulting each other Shadow and Sonic starting biting the neck fur out of each other! That would be the coolest moment ever! *prays that scene makes it in Shadow the hedgehog* Anyway, -Rune Zafara

Skulldarknessdragon Rheneas
Apr 08, 05 3:55am
hey just thought i would sign you guest book. do you like final fantsyor any other anime game? sign back or pm me if you want to.
squirtlefan527 Rheneas
Mar 02, 05 12:42am
Sup Rheneas,here is my new stamp.Hope you like it.


YOU GOT STAMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Im on a signing spree.
JennyfromtheBlock Rheneas
Feb 26, 05 6:25am
Ya know Rheneas, puttin' all that info on the computa' should make ya' a contenda'. Hehehe just playin wit ya'. Thanks for signin' my guestbook. Catch ya lata' Allison.
Zen The Wanderer Rheneas
Feb 17, 05 1:00am
To the Blue Bunny, enjoy the candy and gifts you received on Valentines Day. I'm sorry this is so late, but its the thought that counts.

I feel bad about not signing on the day...

At the time I was lost in the forest with Dai... We we're almost attacked by a Monster!

Anyway.. You'll never know when I have to leave again, or just disappear into the ground.

--Zen, A wanderer by Choice.--
Skippy S Rheneas
Feb 15, 05 1:11pm
Just signing, don't mind me. Lah-dum-dum, lah-dum-dum, lah-dum-dum.
Miles Girl111 Rheneas
Feb 15, 05 1:30am

Happy V Day!
RED yoshi Rheneas
Jan 03, 05 12:09am
hello there we havent talked in awhile so i hope you had a happy new year

[img]C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My pictures\SHippo.bmp[/img
Zen The Wanderer Rheneas
Dec 23, 04 9:20am
I hope you have a great Christmas

I could find no REAL X-Mas Pics that fit, so here.

-- Your NeoBF, Zen, A Wanderer By Choice--
Miles Girl111 Rheneas
Dec 17, 04 12:38am
Merri Kurisumasu

Enjoy, for it is almost Kurisumasu!