For the guest book signings.

I've been playing soldat, it's a cool free online game.

the website is if you want to get it. If you do let me know so we can fight
How's it going?

I've had my PM disabled right after you sent me your PM... I can only make one post per day I'm on a restriction so that's why I haven't been around the forums.

I keep being told that I keep breaking the rules somehow.

Anyway, I hope sometime in the future, me and you, can talk once again the Tekken 6 sometime.
I noticed that I'm in your friend list so I thought to sign your g-b.

Anyways Soul Calibur > Tekken XD lol

enjoy this sexy stamp.

Sana ~~
How's it goin, fellow veteran of Neoseeker...

It's only right that we become Neofriends.

I'm addin you now.

Thanks Omer for signing my guestbook!

I had King on 4th Dan and now he's Tekken Lord >:-)! I'm so happy, I did it all in one day.

BTW I wanna learn the Rolling Death Craddle in his movelist. It's sick.

Hi. I'm just on a stamping spree. Here ya go:

Talk to you later.
hey goin stamp you bud so I'll see ya later

hey man ive seen ya around the music forum, im not a big fan of the noob-ish lingo like pwn3s , n00b, r0x0ors! and such but YOU MY FRIEND JUST GOT PWN3D!!!
You've been stamped by Kin Jazama.

Cya around
If this came to you. Meh, i'm signing people's gb for fun, see ya round the forums.
hope ya sign back

see ya
I just made this brand-new stamp today, and I'm stamping all my friends guestbooks with it. So, here it is:

I see the name I give you (R-O-W) is working well.. Nice to see you post in the Tekken and Yu-Gi-Oh! forums, I hope you post more.

Cool avtar but why not get a GT avatar man DBZ is too old now no offense meant revenger of wasteland See Ya

Can you say Kamahamea bro
Where do you post cause I might come and visit you one time.
Eagle Eye.
P.S, sorry it's so small, I'm just a little bored.
DBZ fan, eh? That's cool. I used to watch them a lot.

Oh this? It's just a stamp. Won't harm you...

Hey, I saw you stamped my guestbook. I would like to thank you for signing and since you have done so, I signed yours. Thanks. See ya' around!
quote regvenger of wastelan
hello vin_diesel, i saw you signed my guestbook so i've decided to return the favor, i don't know if you remember but i saw you first when you was on only 100 posts in the post count, look on you now, you new-growed up, you're not a neo-baby like you was before, so have a nice day and perfect life!!

good one
If you're reading this message,you'd better sign my guestbook or your ass goes "BOOM"hehe like in my signature.But first see if you can decode the message in the title.I bet your butt is treasured to you so you'd sign my guestbook without putting up mush of a fight.If you have a tendency to disobey my commands even in the face of a threat,your following concequences are:
1)What it says in my signature

1) what it said in my signature
Mary had a little lamb,I'm trying to make my messages as long as I could,I ran out of ideas and I like writing in size 3 red.

Heres My New Stamps
That I'm Gonna Give to my Neobro's ://

I was just going around today, well you know, signing guestbooks and stuff, so I thought I'd sign yours. Since I've done so, please feel free to sign mine in return. Thank you.
Sup revenger of wastelan? Just saw that you signed my G-book and decided to sign your's back. I've seen you around in the Tekken 5 forum.

Hi, hey I saw you signed my guestbook so I decided to sign yours, just as a favor. I don't have such a stamp like you so I hope you're happy with this.

See you around.
Just came by to sign your guestbook. I seen you a lot in FM that I came and took a peak in your profile. Well, its nice to see that your from Israel and I have a cuz living there (family member).

Well, hope to see you often.

Have a nice day Mr Revenger of Wastelan

Sign back if you have time