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What's on my mind, Neoseeker asks. How about the injustices I see on a regular basis through the site? The hypocrisies in our moderators. Making exceptions for buddies, everyone pretending to be all goody two-shoes. Is it a qualification to be a pussy in order to be a moderator? I see a few people who are most deserving of being moderators, because they won't tolerate the bullshit. They'll never be one, though, because the supers want mindless slaves to do their work. They don't want people to think. They want mindless, obedient dogs.

I see everyone making a big deal about Bluexy (or however the hell you spell it, I don't care enough to look) leaving, but I was never a big fan of the so-called 'articles' written. They were unprofessional, biased, and made it seem like Bluxy's opinion was the only one that mattered. "Neoseeker's Best of E3"...bullshit. Half of those are literal shit, picked only because of favoritism. I'm curious, however, to see whether this blog post even gets posted. The supers don't like when someone calls them out on their bullshit.

Or maybe some high and mighty member will let their pretentiousness hold and get me perma'd because they didn't like my blog post. Maybe if everyone stopped being a fake little bitch all the time, this site would go somewhere besides in the trash. Loungin' is a cesspool, full of stupid, pathetic threads. The Lobby was something great, once, when Rome pulled it from the grave and breathed life into it once more. And how was he repaid? With a pat on the cheek and a boot in the ass. Typical SuperShit.

Everyone goes out of their way to appear nice to everyone else, and I call bullshit on it. You morons think that nice gets you places, gets you where you need to be. It may, but not likely. You probably confuse kissing ass and sucking metaphorical dick with being nice. I say be mean. Everyone says how important feelings are nowadays. "We should care more about how people feel. Feelings are important, too! Why do you feel that way?"

It's 2015, people. Shouldn't you all not take a website so seriously? If you actually get your feelings hurt because of what some insignificant stranger on a computer said, you are pathetic. Why don't you grow a pair of testes or ovaries (depending on whether you're Bruce or Caitlyn), and realize that you can always walk away.

Neoseeker used to be something that I could be proud of saying I belonged to. It actually used to show up on the first page of search engines when you asked any sort of gaming question. All in all, Neoseeker could be something great, but instead crumbles because pussies are afraid of change. Screenshot this blog post, if it even is posted. I don't care if I get perma'd because of it. If I do, it'll show just how true these words are.

p.s. Apparently the post says I'm trying to bypass a censor. Turns out, you can't use drop the F-bomb. Sad; the f word is the favorite.

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