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All you bitches root for Fallout 4, never seen any of you in the forums.

Survivor2299 made us... read more

Intoxication I played it a bit and I've really liked it so far. It's a bunch of gray to help with... read more

Well I, for one, am downloading dead Kings and will continue to buy the assassin's creed games. I... read more

We're not throwing you a surprise party.

Of course someone would say that if they were throwing a surprise party. read more

Someone sounds like a hater… I think your problems might have been just that. YOUR problems. read more

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Guess I'm no one's bitch.

You don't have any evidence that god doesn't need to be created either, so...

And your attribution is your attribution. Meaning it's insignificant as anyone can attribute qualities to something one believes in. read more

So, what's your point?

Atheists have faith. So what? Everyone has faith. You have faith that you'll be alive tomorrow by the actions you perform today. You seem to throw around the idea that atheism is all about seeing the evidence or lack thereof and believing anyway, but you completely miss the fact that people don't see the evidence as evidence, but just another theory; a new belief in itself.

Also, it seems that you have a narrow view on origins. What seems to be your 'main' argument is that some sort of God had to create the universe because the universe cannot create itself. So, as a question to you, if a God created the universe, who created god? Like argued, something cant come from nothing. Something had to be around to create this god. It all continues back on and on, because whatever created that god had to be created from some other god.

In short, your argument about the universe's creation can be applied to a God itself.

Anyway, why does it really matter? So a person has faith, big deal. I have faith that my house won't burn down while I'm sleeping. read more

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