Okay, was browsing a forum on here and found this post. I blocked out some stuff, but the context is there. Just doing it bec

I spoke with a professor of ethnic studies recently and he had me read an article of his. He mentioned that Americans of diff

Hey guys, was reading this article and found out that I was constipated for 10 hours. Horrible news, I feel really bad for th

Hey guys. I picked up my copy of Unity yesterday and after a tedious download (15+ hours) I started playing it. Is there some

Flesh like the Red Sea, my knife was Moses. I swore I would find Hope once more and I have. I am the last of a dying bree

So, this is a trendy little trend that 'Muricans are doing because, face it, we like wasting water and doing dumb shit li

Guess I'm no one's bitch.

Over two hundred years since the bombs fell, since they wrecked this great nation under God. Our Capital, burned in atomic fi

This is similar to The One Who Got Away. Different gal. I'm writing this as I go along as well. ----- She was...fantast

Okay, so I have just recently done the part where you enter the whorehouse to visit Madam Xiag Xiag or whatever the hell she&

Hey everyone. Decided to make something actually pertaining to Fallout 4. Basically, the question is: What are some ideas for

Can we nominate people for moderators?

Hey Thief Forum, I have a question for you. Is it necessary to play the previous games to understand this one, or are the

Looking for Xbox 360 players who can help out with the social events and my Fleet. I'll return the favor. PM me your game

Anybody else feel really sad and heartbroken upon the deaths of Edward's friends (Who shall remain unnamed)? I almost

Okay. Finished AC3. We all know what happens. My question is: why did it have to be Desmond to activate the device? why n

Morgan was always a delicate flower: wonderful to look at, but so very fragile. She stood higher than others, but it only com

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