Can't believe I'm just now signing your guest book Ren, lol I guess its because I just found out about ppl having them.

well we had some fun times on neo, it was nice having you around here while it lasted especially our team brawls.

your were an awesome partner and an awesome Neo friend

Its too bad we didn't get a chance to own Ken and Ellio more lol

Hey Ren, I want some brawls later plz?

~Inuyasha 0wnz~
Hey Renux on a stampin spree Hope we get to be better friends! I will win back Ness someday!

Keep Kool

Have A good time no matter what your doing!

Dont get rusty >.>

Nah. I <3 you like the sister I never had. Stay cool Re-re.


One of my brawl heroes! You mazing! I am glade I got to face you! Maybe one day I will beat you XD
You're evil,with a capital EVIL.You crushed my characters continously,you still do...Why?I don't know,but like Slepten I'm sure you're EVIL...

Keep the matches good,long and hard,and fun.CYA!

P.S.I like Chocolate
Here's a stamp for being one of my hardest challengers!

This what it would like if i ever beat u!