Heyy Joshie!
The holiday season is for being thankful and this year I'm thankful for all my great friends.
. I hope you have a great Christmas and I hope to talk to you more in the new year.

*gives cookie*
Your Friend
PinkyPink x

It's MA Cookie but you can has a hug and a stamp when I make one!
You're a fing awesome guy to talk to; Don't change!

Your Friend ~PinkyPink~
x x Skye
Yesums. My name is Bróna!

I Stamped youuuu!
you are really cool but i lied i have no cookie but i do have a stamp

and a picture

he took ur cookie
Sign my guestbook or this freakin beast will eat your cookies >=(

So your a canadien I hear... ... I am too
Cookie for yhooooo!

heres your cookie!
Here's your cookie! <3

lol. Sorry here you go for real

Enjoy your cookie.
And thank you for the shout out in the GD.
You seem like a really nice guy.
PM me sometime ;D
yeah u can have a cookie. xD. i would stamp u know but i cant find mah stamp. *sad face* u r a great friends. cya round

Hey man! You seem like a cool guy to me. Cool, easy to talk to, and you like a lot of the things I do. Youre also the first Canadian Ive met on this site and the first Canadian Ive actually liked. Heres hopin you have a good life!