Yo, just returning the guest book sign. Thanks. Yah, friends is cool. Oh and here's a pic:

Found that on google!
Alright. What do I win?

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Just Returning the Favor!

Wow! Your the first one to sign my GB!
I Luvs you! *hug*
I Hope we keep our love we have for each other for days to come! <3
You signed me, I'll sign you. Yoshi is my favorite by the way.

You like Brawl? Me too! I seen u in THAT forum... hey, let me sign here! Sorry that I don't have a stamp 4 u, I wish I did... -_-

Anyway, maybe we should exchange Wii friend codes so we can fight in Brawl one day... That's a great idea, but... I don't think I have internet on my Wii yet.... if you have Brawl.

OK, take care, c u l8tr, good luck, and... HAVE FUN!

-Super Shaolin
To sign your guestbook when you signed mine back in December 07...


Well I hope you enjoy Super Mario Galaxy and besh wishes for 2008.

From yours truly ~Kazooieman~.
Yo, it's me InvivnI. I saw you around in the Sonic forums so I thought I would sign your guestbook. I might stamp you while I'm at it.

Hope to hear from you soon.


i forgot to past the stamp here it is

so bye again
Youve been in the sa2b forum so ill sign your guestbook [img][/img]
and witht that

Thanks for signing my guestbook brandon.Your one awesome guy and ill see in school:)http://students.ou.edu/Y/Jason.S.Yousif-1/Yoshi_Image2.jpgcheck out this pic.
Hey, fellow Yoshi lover! You are a great leader, and I felt like signing your GB as a reward. Plus here is a stamp for your colection!

Hope you're still considering joining the Frost Fire crew. We'd love to have you as a member!

sorry i havent got to you =)

im just lazy.

and sure add me as a friend

k-rules said you were sad because your guestbook hasn't been signedn in a while and you signed my guestbook saying sign back so sup!
Oops! I forgot! in the picture theres:Eevee,Flareon,Glaceon,Leafeon,Umbreon,Espeon,Vaporeon,and Jolteon. I forgot Vaporeon!!Whoops!Thanks again!!
Thank you soooooooo much for the pic of Eevee,Flareon,Jolteon,Glaceon,Leafeon,Umbreon,and Espeon!!OMG I luv it soooo much!!Where'd you get that picture at?I'm not kidding!I LOVE IT!!!Please tell me where you got it at! Bye-bye for now!!
Thanks for letting me in the clan remino here are some yoshi stuff enjoy!:
Hey I can tell that you really want me to sign your GB, considering that you posted in mine 3 times. Lol. I see you like Yoshi, and that's the truth, and this isn't my real stamp, but: YOU HAVE BEEN STAMPED BY STEWIE ROX! You could name your guestbook like something with Yoshi, because you have tons of pictures of Yoshi in it. Well, see you around the forums, and PM me if you wanna talk for fun, or maybe about SSBB, whatever you want, just PM me when you read this so we could talk for fun. K? See ya!
Your Neo-bud,
I'm signing your guestbook because you signed mine.And as you said,we will make pikmin #1!Via la pikmin!Keep up the good work!
here you go!

I took the screenshot myself after Mario came down from a respawn platform!
Thanks for the welcome. my real name is Donald Mason and I am a yoshi fan. I'm new to this so if you can give me some advice that will help. Well I'll talk to you later.
hey hows it going? i see you got some spam there a couple posts below. well i am not here to spam im here to sign!!!!

Hi glad to see another yoshi fan!!!! here have some presents:[img]http://*snip*/yoshisourhero/yoshi%5B1%5D.jpg[/img]

Hope you like them!!! =P
Hey thanks for commenting in the threads I've opened (ex. The Dragon force thread) So Thanks and I'm still wondering if anyone can beat it with a controller on expert? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm? Well I'm bored so I'm commenting on guest books for fun see ya!
Crap, I didnt see the other posts, they didnt show up when I first veiwed the guestbook! Thats gey! V
IM AGAREY!!! UGH! Idk!ll see how im makin face?<_>
See the face?!?! Do u??^