Oct 23, 10 6:16pm
The coolest ginger in Jersey
Remino52 blogged
Oct 23, 10 6:13pm

It's been over a year, I guess since I posted here. I never forgotten about neo, I was just doing other things, and the threads here didn't appeal to me. But I came back here out of curiosity, you could say. But I mostly came back because my personality and priorities have changed somewhat. I not some guy who worried about online families or some shit like I used to. (Is cursing allowed on blogs? I forgot, I read some rules, but I didn't see anything on language). I just felt so damn stupid at that point, thinking that popularity was important and had some kind of value. I was horribly wrong. Lying about facts just to seem like some hot shot douche or to fit in. Ultimately, it was a mistake, and I'm trying to not act like some douche and think about what I say for a moment. But whatever. This is the internet after all.

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