put a bullet in my heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeead read more

It's like when the big bully swings for the short guy and he's too stupid to punch downwards read more

Dude, this place is sooooooooo 2008

Pretty much nothing has happened, everything has stayed the same on the site, everybody from NMF has lives now and nobody resents each other for it. Occasionally we will come here to chat. Hasn't happened for a while read more

So I don't log in for maybe a week or two, log back in and...nothing. Yeah this site is no fun anymore
People genuinely wonder why I don't play pokemon anymore.

I'm sort of tired of this name. I just get used to it. Also I have no reason to change this name

£7 to get a name change on a website I no longer frequent woooo read more

I know, and I think you should go with Mia read more

Maybe my short term memory is so *bleep*ing bollocks because my long term memory is so awesome read more

Remember before my grand return you basically hated my guts because of all the shit with Zander

And someone else came back with a different account and you thought it was me and then not long after I came back read more

What to say to someone who's suicidal and doesn't know what to do about it anymore

At the time I was reminiscing a lot and yeah she was a pivotal moment here admittedly. I don't like bringing her up at all haha read more

I've only ever had two

I couldn't make fun of Ben I could only get angry cause he's smarter than me read more

It's awesome to know that some things never change :3 read more