He wishes world peace was illegal to wish for


Twin_Master says:
Luke is intuitive and assertive. Cross him and it'll be the biggest mistake you make. Never the less, a formidable ally in the least.
Nidoking1990 says:
Lumeister was a fun loving guy who was a dear friend to me. We miss you Lumeister!!!
Fusion says:
All your base are belong to Luke.

Those who disagree or fail to comply will be terminated in 24 hours.

Charizardtrainer says:
Lumeister was a n00b! LONG LIVE RELMUTSIE AN! SHIKAKA!!!!!!!!
Ajnidehs says:

I use to think Luke was a great guy, until I looked at his neohome and saw I wasn't listed in his friends :(.

Seriously, can't complain though as he can lay claim to being my first official neofriend (now isn't that a much coveted title :P).

GameAce says:

Due to my supreme laziness, I'll make things short.

Luke = Winz.

...Long Live the Gunslinger Trio!!


Updating brb lol

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