Relmutsie AN
Nov 21, 13 1:34am
Dude, this place is sooooooooo 2008
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Nov 1, 13 2:04am

Sink like a stone in blood
While I remain in the same old situation
I can't believe I didn't go insane
What's left of me is mine

What's left of you is tainted
It's tearing you apart
It's torn me into pieces
You're such a fragile heart

You don't get to choose my fate
You've barely made your own
You could've had it all, now it's too late
It's all gone

You've wasted all this time
You've thrown it out the window
And you don't care at all
But neither do I

Let's get this straight
If I hadn't found myself
Then you wouldn't be alive

You like to think
You have it all planned out
But you're living in your own lie

And there's no telling you
You just don't care, and now we're through
And you can laugh at all the hilarity
But we'll see who's laughing when you come back to me

You're such a damn cliché
Why don't you get down on your knees and pray for me
Cause right now that's the only way to save yourself
You don't impress me

I've given you chance after chance
You change your mind like a f--king light switch
I'm turning off the life support
How the f--k do you expect to breathe now bitch

You treat me like a crutch
But when it came to the crunch I wasn't good enough
And you're asking me to accept your apology
You're a walking hypocrisy

You're such a damn cliché
Why don't you get down on your knees and pray for me
Cause right now that's the only way to save yourself
You don't impress me

Smoke signals won't guide you home
They're a permanent reminder that you're on your own
Black sheep by nature, back to your pen
Cause I never want to see your f--king face again

You're such a damn cliché
Why don't you get down on your knees and pray for me
Cause right now that's the only way to save yourself
You don't impress me

I'll never be what you want me to be
But you've wasted a golden opportunity

I may be the bad guy
I've sunk like a rock
I've had the time to reflect

But you're just the same
You take my name
And drown it with your lifetime debt
Relmutsie AN
Nov 1, 13 1:44am
So I don't log in for maybe a week or two, log back in and...nothing. Yeah this site is no fun anymore
Relmutsie AN
Sep 4, 13 10:41pm
People genuinely wonder why I don't play pokemon anymore.
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Aug 15, 13 12:42am

Hey guys do you want to listen to some average-to-mediocre-to-downright-terrible music by yours truly and his band

Well you'll have to wait for that because we're working on an album that suits the description I just wrote for you

But if you want some pure shit music by yours truly and his band then BOY OH BOY ARE YOU IN LUCK

I've uploaded our 3-track demo (still available on bandcamp (hint) for download) onto soundcloud so you can listen to it before you download it maybe

I mean it's ok you know, we produced it ourselves on garageband but we also wrote and performed it ourselves and really the music is that all that matters

In theory
Relmutsie AN
Aug 9, 13 9:08pm
What to say to someone who's suicidal and doesn't know what to do about it anymore
overKill Relmutsie AN
Jul 28, 13 12:07pm
Are you getting Pokemon X / Y after it comes out, and if so which one?
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Jul 21, 13 4:21am

I'll write a few memories down pertaining to each of my friends, or ex friends, past and present whatever...I have no real reason or inspiration to do this, I just felt it was necessary for some reason

And some of these people may not even remember who I am so that's why I haven't tagged them

It's also 4.20am in the morning at the time of finishing this blaze it fgt

Shadow Soul - I remember that you were my first friend, I remember that you're from maryland and I asked you for cookies a lot and didn't realise how stupid I was
GameAce - You are the man, for real, I wish I could talk to you more than I do
Chronoboy - Really dude, I don't apologise for what I said to you back then, but I do have fond memories of the Boktai days and they stick with me
Zarathustra - You will always be Ajnidehs to me you ginger prick
PureStealth - You apparently got a picture of Julie in a bikini and that jealousy was a contributing factor to that relationship's demise. And I can't thank you enough for that. Also I apologise for that one time I started the NTU thread without permission and you got pissy with me. Fun times
Eclipse - Join my band. Please
The_Death_of_Winter - You were my bro and I looked on facebook the other day and you have a beard and that is so strange
Twin_Master - How weird is it that I stole your girlfriend? You're welcome by the way
Explosion - Come. The hell. Back. I miss you like crazy you bastard


Fusion - Jorge Jorge Jorge Jorge Jorge. I have too many. I am so god damn sorry for all the shit. Soooooooooooo sorry. It's embarrassing man
The Lost Soul - How is it that the most memories I have of you are arguments, and yet I don't remember ever disliking you at all, ever? That's friendship, right?
Jesus - Lord
Jameslikesgames - Do you exist anymore? And do you remember me? I hope you don't because I really was a dick hahaha...but I don't remember you being anything but awesome
XtremeZH - You're forever my mortal enemy. Much love.
Synergized - You are a girl
goldensteelix - Gave me my first ban and I am so grateful
Pokemon Girl - You're apparently married now. That's so awesome.
Avalith - I've always kind of hated you but you've always been kind of awesome
Zap - I miss you too. You're a good cookie.
Dragoon - I remember meeting you and being awkward when all I wanted to do was hug you to death.
Benedict - You have an awesome life ahead of you. No reason in particular for saying this, you just always have been a bright kid haha
Symphonic Abyss - What a little shit you were. And how you managed to prove me wrong. I eat my words and tip my hat to you sir. And you, too, will always be Karis
Soda - You're just funny
overKill - Christ. Looking back...did we ever publicly acknowledge that we liked each other? Did we ever actually like each other? WHO KNOWS
Trojanman - Everything on Aldecora.
Nagare - I actually wish I knew you IRL
Epsalon X - Genuinely taught me tolerance as soon as I got into high school
NUL - Got me through some of the hardest times of my life in high school just by replying to my stupid messages
black_wing79 - You've always been so cool to me. I eternally respect you
Reenee - You are made of greatness but the greatest thing you ever did was introduce me to RubyQuest
Serene Guardian - Couldn't actually remember which name you were on this time. I've always considered you to be the female version of me and that's exactly why we would always clash. You're also, obviously, awesome. /nevar forget

I've gone through everything I remember in memory...that's pretty much it. I'm not leaving or anything, just thought I'd reminisce a bit.

Oh, one more thing...

Sorry, Origin.
Relmutsie AN
Jul 19, 13 2:21am
Been wondering recently...have I left my mark on this site? Probably not. But I'd like to think so...
Relmutsie AN
Feb 4, 13 10:22am
The last few years mean as little to you as they did to me. Oddly upsetting.
Relmutsie AN
Feb 2, 13 10:02pm
I am happy to reveal that since the days of the wikis, my sleeping schedule has gotten gradually worse.
Relmutsie AN
Jan 25, 13 6:52pm
I post literally all of the time.
Relmutsie AN
Dec 21, 12 2:41pm
The wikis seem to be doing well...
Relmutsie AN
Dec 13, 12 10:36pm
Show me something you're genuinely proud of, and I will congratulate you for it. Not slate you for being proud of it. Twat.
Relmutsie AN
Dec 12, 12 11:42pm
Relmutsie AN
Dec 12, 12 12:32am
It's pretty insane that my band releases a song tomorrow...
Relmutsie AN
Oct 28, 12 2:50pm
Relmutsie AN
May 3, 12 7:33pm
How the *bleep* did I spend so much time on this website
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Mar 27, 12 3:04am















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Relmutsie AN
Jul 19, 11 12:00am
I'm actually really glad nobody cares about me here, because I never remember to log on...

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