Immortal_Life 4 evr Relient K
Dec 10, 07 5:50am
Hi whats up?
I wish Dave Douglas wasn't quiting Relient K. Merry Christmas

and a happy new year
black doom Relient K
Dec 10, 07 12:41am
Merry Christmas, everybody is having fun.
Move to the future now, its only just begun.

Remino52 Relient K
Dec 05, 07 9:04pm
Yeah it is coming!But did you notice that november went REAL quick.?But any way merry Christmas dude!See you on the forums.(BTW TY for signing my GB)
ConkerASkyJockey Relient K
Dec 05, 07 11:09am

Here's ya stamp and guestbook sign up.

I shall meet you in the Brawl forum another time, my friend.
JTSX Relient K
Nov 02, 07 8:34am
hey waz up i hope we can be good friends