Well I can't say that it is much to say, but I'll try to fill as much I can.

I am 14 years old and a male. I have already listed my interests above. I am still in school (CURSE IT) and I am that "Emo" guy in the class, that is most hated in class. At least that is my impression anyways.



I haven't been that much into books lately, but when I was around 9 I used to read any type of books I could find. Even if it was a book like Lord Of the Rings (english), I have kinda always liked to find out how a story ends and that is why I liked books. Now I tend to stick more to Manga and pocket books.


I have just started using Photoshop CS5 and I am loving it so far! I have been looking at some other picture creators and I just ended up getting interested in it. So I downloaded Photoshop and got started!


I am a big fan of movies and my favs are HORROR and FANTASY, yes I know Fantasy in kida childish, but I still like it.


Well it would have been kinda weird not to have this here, because I am on a forum that supports gaming... Anyways I have always liked games and I still do. My fav genres are HORROR and RPG/Fantasy.


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