So who was actually surpised by who the villain here was? FinalFantasy7AdventChildren
it's not a thing... it's a way of life TheRockyHorrorPictureShow
I wanna be a Navi! T_T Avatar
best detailed gore i've seen in a long while, who wants a human tree!? (that made me think of the Diablo Series) 300
got it as a kid and never put it down, still love this movie TheDarkCrystal
Colateral for Demon's Souls Fun and highly customizable characters with a decent story and plenty of stuff to kill Sacred2FallenAngel PC
a little slow at first but fun, never take your targets lightly you WILL die, a fun mix of RTS, RPG and Hack'n'Slash BladestormTheHundredYearsWar PS3
there's just something fun about poisoning people that's so hilarious, probably the convulsing and attacking nearby people that results AssassinsCreed2 PC
No PS3 listing but i have it on PS3 NOT Xbox 360 Unique weapons are in this where they were lacking in DW6 (PS3 version) DynastyWarriors6Empires X360
if you like the unique weapons on the the PS2 version of 6 be forewarned alot of them aren't here and insted have spears characters like... DynastyWarriors6 PS3
fun game first playthough focus on finding/unlocking all the Sub-Classes and always keep Leliana with you if you cant pick locks and traps DragonAgeOrigins PS3
Warrior=brute, little magic Rogue=speed fiend, balanced Mage=controler, magic heavy UntoldLegendsDarkKingdom PS3
Fun,imaginitive game caution playing could cause muscle cramps (heavy use of the motion sensor) Folklore PS3
call me Zeus! too bad i'm not omnipotent (all-knowing) though... these shards are a pain to find all 350!! inFamous PS3
MULTIPLAYER IN AN RPG!!! and a damn fine story too, shearching maps is rewarding to those who take the time EternalSonata X360
Friend is currently borrowing Hard for first timers but fun and challenging to veterans of Hack'n'Slash, charaters and weapons are... DemonsSouls PS3

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