Reginald's Workshop


Why, hello there! Welcome to the workshop
of Reginald (not the Nedroid character,
the Neoseeker member!). Here I'll be 
posting projects I've been working on. 
These projects will include Minecraft Maps,
Documents, and also scrapped footage and

files of old recordings and games.
So If your into that kind of stuff,
grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair,
your in the right spot.

There aren't any projects released at the moment.
But there are some WIPs. One is a Minecraft map called "Blue Jump",
where your put into a jump map and are to reach the end by completing
timed jump puzzles, all using Pistons. Another is a game called Empyrean.
Storyline is unconfirmed at the moment, but I have one in mind.
It'll be a Fantasy RPG time game, and it'll function somewhat like Final Fantasy I.