All the mods! Cars are so fun to drive. xD GarrysMod PC
DragonCave dragons won't hatch!
Saving up for the island. 125 gems? It'll only take 10 years. DragonVale iPad
Just found out how to change my profiles background top thingy... :D

Does anyone else think Neoseeker needs a new design? The buttons and the new forum looks good, but the plain white I don't like.

Anyone else?

Enter my friend code please? :D 90582318 It will give you 25 gems. P.S: DO NOT get fooled by other posts. ALL friend c

Excellent game! Absolutely recommend it! DragonVale iPad

Mineplex is one of the best Minecraft servers. You may catch me on it. :)

IP: /
Those damn creepers.
I like gophers, because when they want to do something, they gopher it.
Posted a new blog post.

So, after a few months of not playing Minecraft, I kept seeing my brothers playing it, and I had forgotten what MC was like, so I booted up my game, and now I'm addicted again. Lol.

I also got StarCraft 2 - Wings Of Liberty, but I haven't played it yet. Please tell me if it is good.

I have started a survival series on PMC (Planet Minecraft) if anyone wants to check it out, here it is:

So yah, enjoy!
Got back into Minecraft again. :)
Love SimCity. :)

Here are my top 5 fave apps on my iPad right now. It's just going to be the names of the apps.
5-1, meaning 5 is my least fave and 1 as my most.

5. Conquist 2 - Full Version

4. King Oddball

3.Fruit Ninja HD - Full Version OR Battle Paint


1. True Skate

gaming related mobile gaming

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I like pie :)
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