It's weird how Yajirobe and the like could annihilate us near instantaneously, isn't it?

The one pairing that always gets me is, unfortunately, one of the most common. MU x Lucina. First off, Chrom and the avata

Figured I'd ask this now that we know all of Villager's, Rosalina's, WFT's, and Mac's specials and most o

I've been using this on Pokémon Showdown and made it up to 1200 before I got bored. I've been winning most of

So I was playing Final Fantasy VII this morning, and just got "Aeris", but when I was changing her name to "Ae

Ryu: Ken: http://3.bp.blo

Farmer doesn't have his gun with him. Who wins?

His feats are all over the place. Anyone have some concrete evidence for his power?

For info on the leak, see Note: Sonic wasn't in Melee.

A common argument against the Metroid character Ridley is --Quote Hater-- Ridley is too big! He'd look weird small! --End

Dynasty Warriors meets Zelda. Is this awesome, or is this AWESOME!?

What with Pokebank coming out soon, I've been training some Pokemon in the previous gens to transfer to X and Y and integ

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