The game was terrible. After the Sonic 06 disaster, they made a bad name for themselves. When they finally released... read more

You're standing out in the open getting shot and you're still alive? You're pretty good at this game..players... read more

yeah trust me, the story is of no concern and is just there to continue the action along. the real fun is the... read more

hey im new i just recently joined so does anyone know how to put a picture as my signature? read more

Actually, Eddie may be returning again. Certain gamestops have pre-order posters, they offer a character, who may or... read more

A Person Eddie has sadly only be in two SSX games, one being as a cheat character. Not too surprising he's not the... read more

ah this is cool I cant wait to try it! read more

To be honest, I've never tried SSX...I'll do it if I have time read more

Downloading the demo now. If it's good I'll buy the game, but if I don't like it I'll just buy Cooking Mama 4 read more

The Snake Eater 3D Demo is great, although the controls could still use a little work. Especially with the camera... read more

quote Matthew Sears
Ok, so after playing all the MGS games since Nintendo, and trying the demo I can safely say that...
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Man...the guy in the screenshot needs a good haircut!!!! read more

Snake Eater 3D could be awesome Plus I'd like to try 3D movies on 3DS...Nintendo online services and game library... read more

Haha...Fighting in a library is awesome! I think Australia will get an approved R18 + in January 2013...Until that... read more

quote Amethyst
Huh. 10th Anniversary totally escaped me. Despite it being that long we haven't even finished the...
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And now I wait for Marvel vs. Capcom vs. Namco vs. SNK. The boss fight is a 4-man tag team of Onslaught, Shin Akuma,... read more

haha good times. I got bored of it pretty quick though back in the day . read more